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How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

How to Design Effective Pillar Pages

How To Create Effective Pillar Pages
How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

If there’s anything we can be sure of in the field of digital marketing It’s that it’s always changing. While that means there are new possibilities in the near future however, it also puts lots of pressure on marketing professionals, business owners and bloggers as well as anyone else connected to the industry to stay on top of what’s happening. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

One of the skills that any professional in the digital field needs to keep ahead of the game can be the capability to design and utilize the pillar page. In this short guide, I’ll give you more information about what a pillar webpage is and offer some ideas to help you build an effective one.

What is what is a Pillar Page?

A Pillar page is a page that is dedicated to a specific subject. Websites can be made up of various topics, typically linked in some way however for a site person, it could make it difficult for them to browse through a website and find all the relevant information. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

It is possible to simplify things by making use of hyperlinks and intuitive navigation that aids the user however for the vast of the time, they’re all entirely on their own. When you have a pillar site, nevertheless, all the details on a particular topic are collected in one location.

Users can always go back to the page on pillars and proceed whenever they want. To understand the context, let’s take a take a look at the pillar page of Typeform to increase branding awareness..

This is a fantastic example of a quality web page that is a pillar. It is possible to identify some important elements of how these pages are made: – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

  • They’re extremely long, much like an entire website.
  • They are primarily built around a single topic cluster which is, in this instance, “brand awareness.”
  • The style is clean and simple, but it’s stuffed with long-form information.
  • They’re packed with links to internal pages that link that lead to blog entries as well as pages.

A pillar page isn’t just aid users in their navigation. Its advantages are directly dependent on you SEO efforts, whether you believe that! Let’s take a closer look at the ways this type of page can help a site.

What is the reason your website needs A Pillar Web Page?

How To Create Effective Pillar Pages – Making a pillar web page takes lots of effort and time. It’s not difficult to imagine that it’s difficult to create this rich, detailed type of content, and it’s okay to ask yourself if all this work is worth it.

Here are some benefits that an pillar page can add to your website.

1. It will result in better SEO results.

How To Create Effective Pillar Pages – Google as well as other engines are fond of content However, what they appreciate more is content of high-quality that is able to match the user’s intent. The design of web pages that are pillars promote the development of quality content which can help you leverage crucial keywords for SEO purposes. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

Beyond the keyword, there are many other ranking factors that are pillar pages include:

  • They can improve the the user’s satisfaction (UX).
  • They have many hyperlinks to aid navigation.
  • They correspond to user expectations.
  • They are organized well by using headings and subheadings to indicate the order of the information.

2. It’s an Dynamic Content Roadmap

These pages don’t only help users. When you create an overview page on the topic, and then go over the basics, you’ll be able to easily identify any holes or opportunities that aren’t being utilized in your content and fix the issue. This can be very useful when you are implementing the context of a Content marketing plan! – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

3. It keeps Users Engaged

Pillar pages offer the chance to keep visitors on your site longer and to keep them on your site particularly if you’re using animations, videos or other videos alongside the text. Take a look at the Atlantic’s pillar page about health and well-being of the population. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

It’s full of facts and details, but it’s not like studying a textbook as you go through it. The site relies heavily on images to keep readers interested and hyperlinks are separated from the main content to make the information as straightforward as is possible. This means that people spend longer on the website to solely reading the information on the page. The pillar page.

4. It matches with Conversational Search Queries

The way that people seek out information has changed drastically over the years.

How To Create Effective Pillar Pages – Think about the way you look for information. Do you use an unspecific keyword and do you prefer to record a specific inquiry? You’re probably the latter, aren’t you? This is because we want to get accurate results from our searches and we are confident that the addition of more details to our queries will provide us this.

Additionally, Google is determined to ensure that users find what they’re looking for. Pillar pages, due to the fact that they’re so packed with information, have a much easier time matching the conversational type of queries. This aids in ensuring that Google as well as other search engines provide the page a higher ranking in the search results. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

How to Design an effective Pillar Pages

As I’ve said the process of creating a pillar webpage isn’t easy and can take much longer than a typical blog post. In the end, considering the benefits it’s likely to offer, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Before you start to find your site’s topic cluster, I’d like to offer some advice on how to design an excellent foundation page. Consider this as a reference to guide you in your search and make sure your site delivers with the results you want! – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

1. Pick an appropriate topic

The first and most crucial step is to choose the topic that your website’s pillar page will focus on. Many people prefer to choose the keywords they wish to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) However, it is essential that a pillar site be built around an expansive topic that will permit linking to multiple pages to your website. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

Of course, you’ll need to ensure that your web page you are using is relevant to the audience you are targeting and that’s why I recommend creating a buyer’s persona and knowing what type of information your intended people are seeking. A buyer persona could aid in other marketing initiatives and is recommended to create one.

2. Locate Subtopics Using Keyword Research

You’ve picked a subject that interests you, like “email marketing” and thought of creating an pillar page for the topic. The next thing to determine the subtopics to incorporate into the content. And the best method to find them is by conducting search engine optimization. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

Keyword research provides you with more understanding of what people are looking for on the topic of your pillar pages. You are free to organize your content in the way you like (your experience in the field is extremely valuable) It’s a good idea to use tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Mangools to assist you in addressing the questions people are looking for in a direct manner.

The keywords will be integrated into the content as well, which can help the SEO effort quite a bit. Be sure to look for long-tail keywords, too in order to answer specific questions.

Step 3. Write or assign an existing page

The next stage is the one that takes the longest and most energy: writing, and writing the page. In some instances it is possible to use an existing page to transform it into the foundation page, but it’s completely your decision. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

In this regard I’ve got some other suggestions I believe will help:

Make sure you have a clear and concise outline of your topic. It is crucial to create the right tone for your pillar webpage and assure that users are on the right track. The easiest method to accomplish it is to give an explanation of the concept on the front of your page, and then move on to the remainder of the information. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

Create a table of content to make it easy to navigate. Certain users might not be required to read each section of your pillar pages or revisit other pages to refresh their knowledge. Whatever the reason it is, a pillar’s page requires tables of contents that facilitate navigation.

Find topics that match your keyword. When you write your article attempt to create each subheading an atopic-related term you’ve found in your keyword study. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

Create content that gives an overview. It’s easy to get caught in the details, and desire to include the most information you can However, it’s not the purpose of the page’s pillar. The users do not have to know all the details of the topic after they’ve finished simply a brief overview of the topic.

Link out to different blog’s pages. If people want to know more Add links to blog posts that go into greater detail.

Pay attention to the layout. Design elements can be the difference between a good and bad foundation page. There’s a lot to be said and keeping visitors engaged can’t be achieved by just writing well. Things like a pleasing design, appealing colors, and an attractive template count equally. Make a website that entices users to read it until the very end. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

The best benefit of having the Pillar site is that there provides an opportunity to connect. In the first place, it permits you to include a variety of internal links. This allows users to remain on your website longer and make it easier for them to navigate to your website’s content. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

If you ask me, it’s the potential for backlinks that matter the most on SEO considerations. Backlinks are the links that link from one site to another or a website. Search engines view backlinks as an endorsement from another website that your content is valuable and relevant. This is why many marketers and SEO experts are focused on making high quality backlinks. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

As a requirement for pillar pages is quality content, other websites are more likely to promote your site. But, you can also increase your chances of getting links by hosting guest posts on different websites or directly communicating with other bloggers. This will not only help improve your brand’s visibility however, it will also increase your site’s overall authority will be enhanced as well.

Phase 5: Keep Up and Refresh Your Page Regularly

Finally, you’ll need to update your pillar site I am 100% certain of that. Even if your content is constantly changing and remains relevant, what could change is the information that people would like to learn about it. – How To Create Effective Pillar Pages

Attention from users can be found into every corner of a subject. And in order for your site’s pillar page to remain at the top of search results and be useful it is essential to refresh the site regularly. I’d suggest that you revisit your keyword research right now, and then to check if there have been any changes to the subtopics. Repeat the process frequently as you require especially for those sectors that are known to be subject to rapid change like technology or marketing!


I view pillar pages as incredible opportunities for businesses to grow because, in essence, they’re ways to demonstrate your knowledge on a specific topic, as well as being extremely efficient SEO techniques.

Keep in mind that you’re always writing pages for readers and not for your search engine. Remember this when you design and write your amazing web page.


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