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Huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

On the upcoming episode of EastEnders, Sam exacts her retribution on Lewis, Stuart raises more questions, Honey may begin dating again, and Suki struggles to move on from recent events.

Here is a complete list of the 15 most important events coming up:

1. Phil supports Ben

Although Ben has been released from the hospital, Phil recognizes the difficult journey ahead.

Phil meets with Keeble to discuss how to aid Lewis’ recovery and requests that she hurl the book at him. Will she say anything?

2. Sam makes an exit plan

Kat is unwilling to help Sam in her ongoing attempts to make right with Phil. Sam, who has decided to leave Walford after conceding defeat, begs Kat for the safe code so she can retrieve her passport.

Kat hesitates before agreeing but cautions her not to take any more.

3. Lewis faces revenge

Sam is halted in her tracks as she prepares to depart when Zack phones to report that he has located Lewis. Sam, who has the gun from the safe in her luggage, goes with Zack to get Lewis.

Sam subsequently announces that she has Lewis tied up in the trunk of the car and has Phil’s gun because it’s time to do revenge, shocking Phil.

What will happen when Sam and Phil arrive at the location where Lewis is being held?

4. Avery’s funeral

As Avery’s funeral is beginning, the Baker/Taylor family is experiencing a difficult day. When Tara shows there instead of Felix, Mitch is shocked. However, he realizes that Felix did this for Avery and apologizes during the wake.

Tara pays a moving eulogy to Avery, and then Mitch, Felix, and Finlay go outside to release the dove.

5. Stuart makes a mistake

When Stuart is late for Avery’s funeral, Jay is not impressed. Stuart’s situation worsens when Mitch is unhappy because Stuart forgets important information for the service.

Jay dismisses Stuart following the funeral as a result of the growing number of complaints he has been getting.

6. Honey takes on a new challenge

As Mr. Lister surveys the marketplace, they overhear Honey and Ash discussing how she is unmarried. Recognizing an opportunity, Mr. Lister has Lola give him a small makeover in an effort to win over Honey.

Sonia pushes Honey to accept a challenge in the interim: she must say yes to everything.

To the disappointment of a hopeful Billy, Honey accepts Mr. Lister’s invitation to lunch when he approaches her.

7. Stuart sparks further concern

Jay informs Callum that Stuart has been dismissed, but Callum becomes sidetracked when Ben requests to meet.

Later in the week, while Stuart meets with his doctor to discuss his cancer diagnosis, Vi and Callum continue to worry about him.

Stuart also worries Karen, especially after he is discovered packing up all of his stuff.

Karen, Vi, and Callum ask Stuart what he was told in the hospital after noticing something is wrong. They are even more perplexed by Stuart’s behavior when he explains that he received the all-clear.

8. Ben gets two big shocks

Ben meets with Callum for a conversation after some prodding from Jay, but things don’t work out.

Ben receives more bad news when Lola forbids him from seeing Lexi until he receives medical attention.

Ben is still in shock at Lola’s bombshell when Zack tells him about Sam’s scheme.

9. Karen supports Stuart

Stuart tries to open up to Karen as she starts to comprehend the source of his suffering.

Stuart reveals that Rainie, who has signed away all of his parental rights, doesn’t want to see him ever again. Karen makes an effort to convince Stuart that this might be postpartum depression and urges him to get therapy.

Stuart finally decides to visit a doctor after more persuasion, and Karen accompanies him even though it conflicts with Bernie’s celebration.

10. Kim makes a decision

Kim is upset when Howie says that his kid Denzel needs to stay with him for a while longer.

Denzel is welcome to remain, Kim says to Howie after speaking with Felix.

11. Ravi puts pressure on Suki

Suki is reminded by Ravi to continue on normally in the wake of Ranveer’s passing.

Suki opens the Minute Mart as directed, but Ash notices something is wrong with her mother and requests that Nina check on her.

Later, when he notices the Minute Mart is once more closed, Ravi is irritated and reminds Suki not to raise any red flags.

12. Finlay and Felix eye up a new opportunity

Honey gives her preliminary approval after Finlay mentions to Felix that he wants his own market stand.

Later, when Honey tells Finlay that Mr. Lister has rejected the food stand, the brothers devise a strategy to persuade him otherwise.

13. Billy misses his chance with Honey

Eve asks Billy to take her out for a drink after noticing an uneasy conversation between Honey and Billy.

Billy is disappointed when Honey chooses Mr. Lister for a “date,” which prompts Sonia to explain Honey’s challenge of saying “yes” to everything.

Sonia advises Billy to interrupt and ask Honey out when he says he wants to start dating her again. Unfortunately, Finlay arrives first, having seen Honey’s suffering while with Mr. Lister. Billy feels as though he has lost his chance as Finlay swoops in and poses as Honey’s boyfriend.

14. Mick is back

Linda’s attempts to sing karaoke that night are thwarted by Janine until Mick shows up.

Janine recognizes Mick wants the entertainment as soon as he returns from his trip and is able to bring it back. But when Mick shows up to sing with Linda at the karaoke, Janine is in a rage.

15. Shirley gives Sam an ultimatum

Next week, Shirley and Sam will discuss their previous agreement once more.

In Peggy’s, Shirley threatens Sam with telling Phil everything until she gets her share of the money. How will Sam act?


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