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Huge EastEnders upcoming week spoilers

In a special episode of EastEnders airing the following week, the Mitchell family travels back in time to 1979, while Freddie Slater arrives in Walford and Frankie has a terrifying experience.

Here is a complete list of the top 13 events to be on the lookout for:

Phil gets a shock

When Phil learns who Keeble wants him to inform, he is completely taken aback.

This causes the audience to be transported to 1979 where they can learn more about the Mitchell family’s complicated history there.

The Mitchells’ flashback episode

In a special episode from 1979, the Mitchells are severely impacted by a Britain that is experiencing economic turmoil.

Jaime Winstone’s character Peggy has her hands full managing a busy home while her marriage to Eric is deteriorating.

Eric decides to take Phil and Grant on a “job” to give them some work experience after finding out that Phil works at a garage, in spite of Peggy’s objections.

Who will prevail when Eric and Phil compete for the title of man of the house?

DCI Keeble threatens Phil

Back in the present, DCI Keeble’s obsession with the Mitchells is growing, and Phil starts to question whether he will ever be able to escape it.

Phil is horrified to receive a text from Keeble who is outside as he gets ready for his wedding. If Phil doesn’t provide the information she requires, she threatens to trouble Kat.

In a panic, Phil makes one last effort to surpass Keeble before giving up on trying to get himself out of his mess with her. Will it be enough, though, or will Phil meet Keeble’s wrath instead?

Freddie Slater arrives!

Bobby Brazier’s portrayal of Freddie Slater makes a strong first impression as he enters Walford by haggling at Billy’s market stall and stealing a bap from Stacey’s stall without paying.

Later, as Freddie is being reprimanded for breaching the barrier by the tube, Bobby sees him there and decides to show compassion by paying the fare.

Billy gets a shock

As Billy is about to call the police after spotting Freddie, Freddie introduces himself as his son.

Billy is given cause to smile as he starts to make progress with Honey even though he is struggling with how to tell Freddie the truth.

 Frankie’s new story begins

an animated It’s Frankie’s first day working as a teaching assistant. During an English lesson, she notices Amy, Denzel, and Nugget imitating her while she is signing to student Esme.

Later, Frankie reprimands them, but things change when they make a social media video using inappropriate photos of her.

Frankie later confronts her boss Mr. Morden to express her rage and upset, but she is not pleased with his response.

Mick supports Linda

As a vengeful Janine tries to provoke Linda, Mick reassures her that Annie will be back with her as soon as her positive hair test results are received.

Later, Linda is happy when Mick lets her say goodbye to Annie, but she feels left out when he goes to help Shirley.

 Frankie has a terrifying experience

In order to lift Frankie’s spirits, Lola asks Felix, Dotty, Whitney, Finlay, and Vinny to go clubbing with her. Up until a stranger tries to kiss her after harassing her on the dance floor repeatedly, Frankie’s mood improves throughout the evening.

She leaves early, declining Lola’s offer to drive her home, and rushes out of the tube.

The man from the club approaches Frankie and corners her as she quickly realizes she is being followed home. Thankfully, a bystander steps in to stop it, giving Frankie a chance to get away and go home.

Sparks fly between Whitney and Finlay

There is a small spark between Whitney and Finlay as they spend the evening with their friends.

Additionally, Finlay is able to instill Vinny’s suspicions about his friendship with Dotty.

Billy is urged to tell Freddie the truth

Billy hasn’t told Freddie the truth, which has infuriated Honey, who storms out of their date at The Vic.

She commands him to get in touch with Little Mo and tell him to tell Freddie the truth about his biological father.

Frankie reels from her ordeal

Shirley gives Frankie consolation as she recovers from her terrifying experience.

Mick is relieved to learn she escaped harm physically, but Frankie doesn’t share this opinion.

Freddie goes missing

Stacey assures a hurt and bewildered Freddie that his mother will have the answers for him as Jean continues to plan the hen and stag parties for Kat and Phil.

When Stacey and Eve learn that Freddie has left at the end of the night, they are horrified and hastily set out to find him.

 New romance for Sharon?

In order to avoid thinking about Phil’s wedding, Sharon invites newcomer Matt back to her home.

What will Sharon do, though, as she becomes more unsure of her feelings for Phil?


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