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Huge Home & Away spoilers for next week

On Home and Away, Cash will have to deal with some distressing information regarding Jasmine’s future.

In other scenes, Tane risks a lot to deal with the biker gang, and Ziggy wonders what Theo’s top priorities are.

Here is a comprehensive list of the upcoming 11 major events.

Theo risks his big opportunity

The pressure of being the lead singer is already affecting Lyrik as he gets ready for the band’s first performance with Theo. The rest of Lyrik begins to question Theo’s dedication when he skips the sound check at Salt.

Mac comments on Theo’s apparent lack of professionalism, but Kirby insists he will still attend. Kirby is right to be upbeat because Theo shows up at the last minute and absolutely wows everyone with his performance.

Ziggy questions Theo’s priorities

Ziggy worries that Theo’s participation in the band might have an impact on his TAFE coursework. She reluctantly decides to go to Theo’s concert even though she disagrees with his musical endeavors.

When Ziggy observes how well Theo performs, she is astounded. This only makes her angrier because she now understands that Lyrik will mean much more to Theo than she originally thought. His apprenticeship’s future appears to be in jeopardy as a result of this.

Justin starts to share Ziggy’s concerns

Justin assures Ziggy that he can work his fortnightly Lyrik performances around Theo’s TAFE obligations.

This calms Ziggy, but when Justin overhears Lyrik talking about their future plans, which include a tour, he realizes that he might have spoken too soon. Justin sits Leah’s nephew down for a serious conversation after realizing that Theo will have to make a bigger commitment than he had anticipated.

 Theo receives heartbreaking news

Theo is perplexed by Chloe’s continued absence from Summer Bay and is unaware that she fled to New Zealand for her own safety as a result of the biker gang issues involving the Parata family.

Theo receives comfort when Chloe calls to confirm that she is breaking up with him and won’t be returning. Theo is encouraged by Kirby to use songwriting as a means of expressing his hurt feelings.

 Cash is stood up by Jasmine

In response to the information that Jasmine will be going back to Summer Bay, Cash gets ready to make the ideal proposal to her. Unfortunately, he’s in for a big letdown when Jasmine doesn’t show up and doesn’t answer any of his calls.

Cash initially worries that Jasmine may have heard about his recent overnight stay in Rose’s car. As more time goes by, he draws worse conclusions and decides to call the police to report Jasmine missing.

The Jasmine mystery is resolved

When the police tell Cash that they have checked on Jasmine and the Shaw family’s welfare and find that everyone is fine, Cash is shocked. It turns out that Jasmine has made the decision to live permanently on the Shaws’ farm. Jasmine asks the police to send her best wishes to Cash even though she isn’t ready to discuss this with him.

Cash tries to support the Delaney siblings

When Xander, a troubled paramedic, decides to start working out at the gym to improve his mental health, Cash helps him out. Cash is pleased to help Xander by offering fitness advice.

Cash informs Xander of Jasmine’s decision to severe all ties with Summer Bay after waiting for the ideal opportunity to do so. Jasmine’s decision to take this action without providing a justification infuriates Xander.

Tane is forced to work with a new employee

 Rose confronts Tex

Rose becomes more and more alarmed by Tex’s actions. She makes the decision to have the police check his license plate.

Later, Rose confronts Tex and makes it clear that she is aware of his ties to the biker gang. Although he acknowledges that it is true, Tex says he still wants them to continue their relationship. It is up to Rose to decide whether or not the risky romance will ever succeed.

 Tane takes a major risk

When Genevieve, his new “employee,” shows up and begins pursuing the bikies’ agenda with the books, Tane loses control of the gym. In an effort to get out of this nightmare, Tane reluctantly begins helping the police.

Tane visits the bikers at their covert location after promising Rose that he’ll do whatever it takes to bring down Tex’s gang. Tane is playing with fire as he confronts the gang’s intimidating leader Marty.

Bella’s future is confirmed

After learning that Nikau and Bella are no longer together, Dean confronts Nikau. Nikau is merely attempting to safeguard Bella from the ongoing bikie threat, but Dean is unaware of this.

Later, Dean tells Mac that Bella has made the decision to remain permanently in New York because there is no longer any reason for her to remain in Summer Bay.


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