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Huge Home & Away spoilers for next week

Theo takes a risk the next week on Home and Away by trying out for Lyrik.

In other scenes, Nikau takes severe measures to ensure Bella’s safety, and Chloe bids Summer Bay farewell.

Here is a comprehensive list of the upcoming 11 major events.

Lyrik vow to replace Bob

Following Bob’s decision to leave the band, along with Summer Bay, Lyrik are at a crossroads. They inform Felicity, who had planned to book them for ongoing performances at Salt, of the terrible news.

Lyrik holds auditions for a substitute lead vocalist in an effort to get back on track as soon as feasible. The want tobe singers are all awful, but when Theo arrives and enters the stage, the crowd is amazed by his performance.

Theo waits to hear his fate

Theo tells Lyrik more about the origins of his passion for music. When he tells Kirby that his father didn’t want him to be a musician, they become friends. Kirby can relate because her parents wanted her to become a doctor.

A game of pool is played to decide Theo’s future since Remi believes that Lyrik should broaden the search by hosting auditions across the city. Theo joins the band if Eden triumphs.

Nikau and Tane get Chloe to safety

The Parata family is the target of increased intimidation by Tex’s biker group. Tane offers to pay more than what they owe to the thugs to get them off their backs, but Tex insists that they want to use the gym as a means of money laundering.

Tane and Nikau decide to smuggle Chloe out of the Bay and into a motel while they deliberate their next course of action after the gang threatens to hurt her if the Parata family doesn’t cooperate.

Chloe leaves Summer Bay

Chloe is urged to relocate to New Zealand by Tane and Nikau so that she can be protected. They also exhort her to call Theo and inform him of her impending absence owing to a family matter.

Chloe locks herself in the motel bathroom to give herself time to reflect because she is unsure about what to do. She ultimately decides that leaving away is her best course of action, so she bids Tane and Nikau a tearful farewell.

Tane offers Nikau the chance to go with Chloe, but the young lifeguard vows he’ll be staying to assist in dealing with the bikies.

Rose grows suspicious over Tex

Rose relishes the developing friendship she has with Tex, not realizing that he belongs to a biker gang. Rose suspects Tex is keeping something from her when he begins skipping dates to attend to his bikie business.

Later, Rose is caught kissing Tex on the beach, shocking Tane and Felicity. They ponder whether it is their responsibility to alert Rose on her dating activities.

Nikau makes a heartbreaking decision

Tane keeps reminding everyone who is close to the Parata family that their family members can become targets. Nikau decides to end things with Bella over the phone out of concern that she would be in danger if she returns from New York.

Bella’s relationship must end, but Nikau understands that Bella’s safety must come first.

Tane gives Rose a warning

Rose questions Tane and Felicity about her relationship with Tex because she thinks they are acting suspiciously.

While Tane chooses not to reveal any specifics, he does let Rose know that Tex isn’t who she believes he is. Rose seizes on this hint and pursues it, searching online for information about Tex and inquiring about his employment records.

Rose’s secret is exposed

Irene invites Xander and Rose over for a supper to promote harmony after she observes that they aren’t getting along.

The conversation veers off course when Xander accuses Rose of ignoring her own issues in favor of concentrating on his. Rose is pushed by Xander to confess her love for her sister’s lover to everyone. The information astounded Cash and Irene.

Cash plans a proposal

Cash observes that Xander struggles with his tendency to become overly invested when he interacts with patients in his capacity as a paramedic.

Cash reveals to Xander a secret as well, saying that he intends to pop the question to Jasmine and wants Xander to be best man at the nuptials.

Lyrik plan to move in

Lyrik’s presence at the Parata home is upsetting John because their loud practices keep him awake at night. But when he learns that equally annoying neighbors at another home are preparing to leave, he rejoices in some good news.

Even though Lyrik are just visiting the Parata house temporarily, they appear to be considering relocating permanently as they become intrigued by the approaching house vacancy. Could John be required to interact with the group continuously?

Theo struggles with his responsibilities

Theo’s new band responsibilities keep him busy, which worries Ziggy because he has to focus on his TAFE studies. If Theo’s grades start to fall, Ziggy worries that her performance as Theo’s teacher will suffer.

Dean urges Ziggy to show greater appreciation for Theo’s abilities and go to his performance at Salt. Ziggy concurs, but she is not happy about it.


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