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ITV Emmerdale paternity twist as fans ‘work out’ unlikely villager gets pregnant

Thursday night’s drama-filled episode of Emmerdale featured Aaron Dingle making a total 180-degree turn and apologizing to Vinny for assaulting him. Leyla Harding also made a comeback in this episode.

Fans of Emmerdale appear to believe that one unlikely villager may soon become pregnant, but who is the father?

The one-hour episode concluded with a passionate kiss between Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Caleb Milligan (Will Ash).

But just as they were about to kiss, Tracy’s husband Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) emerged from their home. But what did he see?

A covert kiss between Tracy and Caleb occurred following Leyla Harding’s (Roxi Shahidi) return to the village.

Tracy was put through even more awkwardness when Leyla, who was once dating Caleb, offered to help her with her business.

While Leyla and Caleb were organizing a date night, he secretly visited Tracy to find out what she wanted.

Tracy protested, “Caleb, Nate is inside with Frankie,” but Caleb shot back, saying, “That is not an answer.”

“Let me tell you, Tracy, because I know what I want and it’s not Leyla, it is you.”

“No, this is what you do,” Tracy went on. “Leyla has told me your charm and you use and you disgard.”

The businessman maintained that Leyla was only a passing fancy. “This is different, but do you want it?”

When Nate emerged, he found Caleb and Tracy there as they shared a kiss.

Fans shared their predictions for the upcoming events on social media after the dramatic episode.

Many fans believe Tracy will become pregnant on X, the former Twitter, but it will be unclear who the father is.

“Tracey is going to be pregnant very soon by the looks of things #Emmerdale,” @KlCKASSCANTONA proposed.

As stated by @Tongueflicker: “#emmerdale When Tracy and Caleb begin sharing a bed, Tracy begins to wonder who the father is. The Emmerdale way is it.” As in

“So is this the affair that’s coming up and Tracy gets pregnant?” @SiouxBK continued.

Not to be outdone, @penniless_poet continued, “Like Nate wouldn’t have seen them swapping saliva #Emmerdale.” As in


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