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Karen Blick husband: Who is Emmerdale’s Lydia Dingle star married to?

KAREN BLICK’S love life on Emmerdale hasn’t been easy, but it appears her marriage outside of the ITV soap is very different. yzee.co.uk has all the details on who the actress is married to.

Karen is best known to Emmerdale fans as Lydia Dingle, the wife of Sam Dingle (James Hooton) and stepmother to Samson Dingle (Sam Hall). She has had romances with Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) since her arrival in 2016, but she eventually settled down and became a member of the Dingle family. Off-screen, the star has a busy life and is the mother of her and her husband’s two children, but who is the actress’s other half?

Who is Emmerdale star Karen Blick married to?

Karen married her partner, Simon, in 2011, but the couple had known each other for years before they married.

The couple first met in 1996, when the soap star was starting a new job as a team member at an outdoor children’s pursuit company.

Because they had been together for so long, the couple decided to keep their wedding as low-key as possible.

They decided to invite 100 of their closest friends and family to celebrate their special day with them, but they kept the cost to a minimum.

Karen Blick husband: Who is Emmerdale’s Lydia Dingle star married to? 

“We had a Dingle element to ours,” the actress explained of their three-course meal and fun reception.

Karen Blick as Emmerdale’s Lydia Dingle 

“We’d been together for years, so we didn’t want to spend much,” the soap star explained to The Sun.

Simon runs his own business while his other half is on the set of the weeknight serial drama.

According to reports, Simon runs a successful business that provides behavioral health and safety training to businesses.

The couple also has the responsibility of raising their two young children, Ruby, 11, and Oliver, 7.

In her social media posts, the actress frequently shows herself having fun with her family and participating in various activities.

Karen Blick married her husband Simon in 2011 

Karen’s life, on the other hand, could have been very different if her husband hadn’t encouraged her to pursue the career she desired.

The actress explained that breaking into the world of acting was becoming increasingly difficult, and she was ready to give up.

Karen stated: “Over the years, we’ve had conversations in which I’ve said, ‘OK, maybe I’ll give this up.’

“‘Give it another year, stick with it,’ he always says. We clinked champagne glasses and said, ‘Can you believe this?’ when we got to go to the soap awards together.

“I had considered quitting numerous times. In 2008, I even trained as a teacher and completed a PGCE “she went on

“It was like a dream come true.” It was fantastic. “I’m a Yorkshire actress with a fantastic role in a Yorkshire soap,” Karen explained.

“I’d been a jobbing actress for 23 years and landed some decent roles, but it was difficult.”

“I was lecturing undergraduate acting students at my old college in Halifax when ‘Emmerdale’ came along,” the actress continued.

The couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last year, with the soap star documenting the occasion on Instagram.

She celebrated all they had accomplished since they married a decade ago by sharing a photo of herself and Simon at the alter.

Lydia has recently discovered that she will be planning a wedding for Kim Tate (Claire King) and her future husband, Will Taylor, in recent Emmerdale scenes (Dean Andrews).

Lydia had previously worked as a wedding planner before deciding to settle down in the village.

Although she has experienced heartbreak and turbulence in her life in recent years, it appears that she is finally on the mend.

Karen elaborated on her character by describing her husband Simon’s reaction to the comparison of his wife to Lydia.

When asked if she is like her character, she replied, “I’d like to say ‘No,’ but my husband might disagree.”

Lydia is warm-hearted, kind, and has a good heart, so I like to think we are similar in that regard “She continued.

“I hope I’m a little more socially aware than she is.

“Lydia says exactly what is on her mind, whereas I think about it before I open my mouth,” she told TV Times.

Lydia was promised to be a character to watch out for in the run-up to the 50th-anniversary celebrations, as life could be turned upside down once more for the beloved character.


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