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Keir Starmer compares Tory leadership contest to Eastenders in Boris Johnson’s final PMQs

Even Tory frontbenchers couldn’t contain their amusement.

In the last Prime Minister’s Questions with Boris Johnson, Labour leader Keir Starmer made fun of the Conservative leadership race to become the next Prime Minister by comparing it to Eastenders. The women’s England squad, the Lionesses, play today. Today (Wednesday, July 20), Sir Keir reinforced the Prime Minister’s praise for them, saying: “Coverage commences at 7:30… EastEnders is on for those who don’t care for football.

The Tory leadership debates on catch up are an option if you’d rather watch outlandish characters humiliate themselves than Albert Square. In relation to that, why does the Prime Minister believe that those hoping to succeed him made the decision to skip last night’s Sky debate? Prior to this week’s Sky discussion, front-runners Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak withdrew, forcing its cancellation.

“I’m not following this thing very closely, but my opinion is that there’s been quite a bit of debate already, and the public have had plenty of opportunity to view the talent,” the PM retorted. Any of which would sweep [Mr. Starmer] under the rug like some household detergent.

On July 7, Boris Johnson announced his resignation as the leader of the Conservative Party (Photo: PA Wire/PA Images).

The conclusion of the lockdown last year’s anniversary is today, he continued. He called it risky, but the reason we were able to make that choice is why the G7 has seen our economy expand the quickest. It would not have been conceivable if we had followed his advice.

“Does the PM agree with his former chancellor that the proposals being put out by his competitors are ‘fantasy economics,'” Keir Starmer retorted, adding that he was amazed the PM was able to get through the answer without laughing. Because “the public saw the candidates first hand” at the ITV and Channel 4 debates last week, he called the election a “disaster.”

Today, July 20, between 1 and 3 p.m., Conservative MPs will vote on the next prime minister. At 4 p.m., Graham Brady, the head of the 1922 committee of Conservative backbenchers, will reveal the results. Over the course of the following month, hustings will be held across the nation to allow the roughly 200,000 members of the Tory party to vote on the final two candidates.


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