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Kit from Emmerdale will be exposed for cheating on Gabby and Laurel.

Fans of Emmerdale will see Kit’s bad luck tonight (August 10) as he is rumbled for two-timing Laurel Thomas and Gabby.

Shortly after arriving in the area to work as Marlon Dingle’s physio, Kit began dating Laurel. However, after they connected on a dating service, he has also been having affairs with Laurel’s stepdaughter Gabby.

In the episode airing on Wednesday, Kit visits the neighborhood store to get some ingredients for a romantic dinner he plans to prepare for Gabby.

Kit has to move quickly by pretending that he planned to surprise Laurel with a home-cooked lunch when she walks in. When Laurel believes his narrative, he feels relieved.

Later, while eating with Laurel, Kit sneakily apologizes to Gabby for being late.

As Kit is ready to go to meet Gabby, Laurel decides to entice him and tempts him to come upstairs, which causes him to be further delayed.

In order to hide his traces, sleazy Kit later makes his way to Home Farm and forces down a second dinner.

Kit and Gabby are getting along great, but just as Gabby is about to lead Kit upstairs, Laurel shows up.

How will Kit’s secretive dating of both Gabby and Laurel affect their responses?

Marlon Dingle takes center stage at his impromptu stag party in Wednesday’s episode, but his legs suddenly give out, and he collapses to the ground.

Paddy, Marlon’s best buddy, advises him to visit the hospital for a checkup, which raises questions about whether Marlon’s upcoming wedding can happen the next day.

Vanessa Woodfield contacts Suzy Merton at another location after acquiring some fresh facts. After their recent dramas, what does the future have in store for them?


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