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Natalie Anderson husband: Who is Emmerdale’s Alicia Gallagher star married to?

Although NATALIE ANDERSON hasn’t seen on the ITV soap opera in a while, it appears that her love life has been quite active. Everything you need to know about her other half is available on Express.co.uk.

The role of Alicia Gallagher on Emmerdale, portrayed by Natalie, is her most well-known one. She plays the sister of Roxy Shahidi’s Leyla Harding and the adoptive mother of her nephew, Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant). Between 2010 and 2015, the actress portrayed the part for five years, during which time the adored villager moved to Portugal to start a new life.The bar maid had a turbulent love life with David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) during her time on the ITV soap opera, but it appears that her marriage off-screen has been much happier than her on-screen personas.

Who is Natalie Anderson’s husband on Emmerdale?

In a ceremony attended by their friends and family that took place in Harrogate in 2008, the soap star married her husband James Shepherd.

James is a financial expert who recently turned 50. His wife is 10 years younger than him, but they don’t consider age to be a factor.

When the actress first met James, he seemed to be interested in Natalie’s acquaintance, the Bradford Bulls rugby league team cheerleader.

After a few months of being friends, James decided to ask her out. The rest, as they say, is history; they are now married and parents.

After 14 years of marriage, Natalie made the decision early this year to devise a plan to rekindle their vows while on vacation in the Maldives.

The couple renewed their vows to one another in a private ceremony with their son Freddie, age 10.

“How James didn’t know is beyond me, It was so lovely and so intimate with it just being the three of us,” Natalie remarked in reference to the renewal.

Just days before their wedding anniversary, she told Hello! Magazine, “It was absolutely wonderful and everything I dreamed it would be.”

The pair wed in 2008 and later welcomed their son Freddie, who was born four years after their wedding.

When describing their first encounter with their kid, Natalie said: “James had a tear in his eye as I sobbed. The small hands and feet, face, and this little thing dancing around were amazing to witness.”

The soap actress thought her late grandfather was helping her through the process, despite the fact that she had James by her side the entire time.

He motivated me, the actress claimed. I can sense him close to me when I’m worried about the baby or hope that everything will turn out okay.

In a subsequent interview with Hello! Magazine, she said, “It’s a nice sense, like though I have someone watching over me.

The couple’s marriage has been stronger since having their son, and the three of them make the ideal family.

The soap star frequently shares photos of her son and spouse on her Instagram page for the 110,000 fans to see.

The soap star, who currently appears in Hollyoaks on Channel 4, feels that her Emmerdale character actually saved her marriage.

She is brassy and trashy and dresses in miniskirts, low-cut tops, padded bras, hair extensions, loads of fake tan, and enormous jewelry, according to Natalie.

When I showed James the first photo of me dressed as Alicia, he said he wasn’t sure if he liked her or just wanted to wash her.

Make of it what you will, she said in an interview with The Mirror, going on to discuss how difficult it was to be away from James while she was performing in a role in the musical Wicked many years ago.

While the actress performed her duties on the stage in the West End, they lived 200 miles away for the better part of a year.

We really missed each other during our long-distance relationship, Natalie stated.

“I adored the program and everyone on it, but James had a special place in my heart. We were still newlyweds and spoke on the phone six or seven times a day.

Additionally, I had two gigs on our first wedding anniversary and didn’t see James until after 11 p.m. I sobbed a much.

Every single Monday morning when I had to leave him and our home and go back to London, I would cry. On Sunday mornings, I would take the train back to Leeds to visit him.

The actress continued, “But at the same time it’s given us a new depth to our marriage because we’re really strong.

The soap actress said, “If we can get through that and still be as in love as we are, then we can do anything.”

Freddie was born to them four years after their marriage, but having a child later on had always been planned.

When she married James, the actress said, “It’s kind of selfish, but I always said I would like time for me and him as husband and wife.

Before starting a family, she added, “we want to travel the world together and really appreciate each other.”

It appears the former Hollyoaks star may be delaying her return to Emmerdale for the time being given her current presenting duties on This Morning and Loose Women.


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