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Natalie Cassidy went clubbing with EastEnders co-stars when she was 14

Natalie Cassidy, an EastEnders legend, has been opening up about her social life while working as a child actor on the show. She says that when she was 14 years old, she could frequently be found in all the swankiest VIP nightclubs mixing with celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham and H from Steps.

Though her early performances on the trumpet may have made her character Sonia Jackson/Fowler more well-known, she quickly moved on to dramatic plots, with Sonia becoming pregnant in her teen years and giving the child up for adoption.

While this was happening, Natalie was venting by hitting the clubs with her co-stars.

She said to The Daily Star that she frequently went out to clubs with Tiffany Mitchell and Bianca Jackson, portrayed by Martine McCutcheon and Patsy Palmer, respectively.

It wasn’t excellent at all, was it? I think I was 14 or so, she said. I would be in Sugar Reef. nightly, a different club.

“Hello Sonia, in we go,” they would say. Shambles! Table with all of your drinks on it! Champagne, vodka, and Red Bull used to be our drinks of choice.

She frequently went to a place called Pop with Adam Garcia and H from Steps.

They were lovely times, Natalie recalled. I got an award at a Twice As Nice event that followed a Smash Hits party, where I also met Victoria and David.

Even while Natalie enjoyed her time spent partying, she now regrets not spending more time with her mother Evelyn, who passed away from intestinal cancer.

She remarked, “I never got to let her know that I loved her.”

It is quite difficult to consider the suffering I caused my mother and the fact that I never took the time to apologize.

Recently, Natalie has spoken up about the famed workout DVDs she produced nearly twenty years ago. The Perfect Ten was launched in 2013, and Then and Now was published in the early 2000s.

Although she received £100,000 for the arrangement, she now recognizes that it was detrimental to her health.

She said as much to Grace Dent on her Comfort Eating podcast, “I just thought, that’s a lot of money, but it wasn’t the proper thing to do.”

It wasn’t; with low calorie intake and daily exercise, you lose a lot of weight in three or four months, twelve or sixteen weeks.

“I arrived there and immediately after the DVD was out, I ate for England.” I regained all of my weight in eight weeks.’


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