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Real-life Home and Away couples: All the off-screen romances

Let’s be honest: if the lives and loves of Summer Bay’s residents were real, we’d have long given up keeping track of who’s dating whom.
We’ve seen on-screen loves become real-life loves over the years, and in most cases, their IRL romance appears to have far less drama than their characters’.

Furthermore, a number of the actors who have gotten together in real life are ridiculously cute.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll remember the thrill of seeing an adorable new Summer Bay couple overcome whatever devilry the script writers threw at them.
Even better was discovering that the adorable new couple is actually dating off camera.
That’s why we decided to group them all together.
Continue scrolling to see all the couples who have appeared on Home and Away over the years (even if they didn’t make it to the end!)

The modern-day poster couple for Home and Away relationships is Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor, who play Ziggy and Dean.

But, unlike many of their fellow lovebirds, Sophie and Patrick met before moving to the fictional small town. Sophie revealed in March 2021, “We actually knew each other at uni – we went to acting school together years ago.”

Sophie, who also plays Patrick’s character Dean’s on-screen girlfriend Ziggy, told TV WEEK in May 2022 that it’s been surprisingly easy to keep their personal and professional lives separate. “We’ve established boundaries of ‘work is work, and home is home,'” she explained.

“Especially at work, you’re playing a character, not yourself.” So Sophie and Patty aren’t having an affair Dean and Ziggy are at odds. And because we’re so different from our characters, it’s usually fine.”

On-screen, Home and Away’s glorious young couple Hayley and Noah melted our hearts, but actors Beau Brady and Bec Hewitt’s off-screen relationship ended in 2004. We all know what happened next: the blonde actress married Australian tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt. I suppose there’s always the possibility of a happily ever after…

James Stewart and Sarah Roberts of Summer Bay married in a stunning wedding attended by only their closest family and friends in July 2019.

On the show, their characters, Justin and Willow, also had a whirlwind romance. In fact, Sarah (who left the soap in 2021) previously stated that her and James’ bond is so strong that their romantic scenes together felt completely natural. “There’s genuine chemistry, so it’s simple – I don’t even have to act!” she exclaimed.

Sarah looks after James’ eight-year-old daughter Scout, whom he shares with ex Jessica Marais.

James also dated co-star Isabella Giovinazzo, who played the show’s passionate songstress Phoebe. After calling it quits in 2017, James moved on with Sarah, while Isabella is still killing it on-screen, currently starring in the popular drama Lie With Me.

If you watched Home and Away in 2006, you’d have been overjoyed to learn that actors Maddie (Indiana Evans) and Lucas (Rhys Wakefield) were reportedly dating in real life. This former OG couple were the Ryan and Marissa of Australian television. That was back in the day!

Lincoln Lewis and Indiana dated for a few months before splitting up in 2008. On the hit show, Lincoln played Geoff, a charming but slightly lost soul, and Indiana’s character Maddie was an absolute sweetheart. They’d make a cute on-screen couple as well!

Lincoln owes a few of his past loves to Home and Away. He was also romantically linked to the show’s April, played by Rhiannon Fish. The couple divorced in 2012.

Since February 2021, Lincoln has been dating his current girlfriend, Pandora Bonsor.

Debra Lawrance and Dennis Coard, who played Pippa and Michael on the show in its early days, celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in March 2022, in what may be one of our favorite romances from the entire show.

They portrayed on-screen rebels Belle and Drew, but Jessica Tovey and Bobby Morley charmed us when it was revealed that they were dating off-screen. Unfortunately, things did not last long, as the couple reportedly split in 2008.

Axle Whitehead and Samara Weaving, who played Liam and Indie on the Australian soap, dated off-screen in 2012. It was a short-lived relationship between the two, who have since moved on to bigger and better things. Axle is pursuing a musical career, while Samara has appeared in several Hollywood blockbusters, including Nine Perfect Strangers with Nicole Kidman.

Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas, who played Kim and Tasha on the show, were the real deal back then. You’re probably aware that they didn’t last – Chris is now happily married to beautiful Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, with whom he has three adorable children.

Dannii Minogue and Julian McMahn had a whirlwind romance after meeting on the set of Home and Away, and they married in 1994. Unfortunately, the real-life couple who played Emma and Ben on the show did not last.

In Summer Bay, Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell played Ruby and Romeo, and while their characters didn’t seal the deal, the talented actors did! They met at a mutual friend’s housewarming party in 2009. Luke had just moved to Sydney for his Home And Away role at the time, while Rebecca was already filming the show.

“I had the impression that I already knew him. It was almost as if we had lived another life together “She had previously stated about their first meeting. “I knew right away after the party that I had found my soulmate in Luke.”

Summer Bay’s golden couple, along with their adorable dog Alfie, have relocated to the United States.


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