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Sam Frost speaks about her ‘very difficult’ pregnancy

Sam Frost has opened up about the struggles she faced during her first trimester of pregnancy.

The former Home and Away star, 33, revealed on her blog Believe by Sam Frost it had been ‘incredibly difficult for me, mentally and physically’.

She said her symptoms began at the six-week mark and her ‘mental health quickly deteriorated’ from there.

She revealed that she had been bedridden for two months and claimed that she had become “extremely ill” and had been constantly sick and exhausted.

We had to cut short our podcasting trip after only producing three rather than six episodes, which cost us money that we desperately needed, she continued.

“I felt bad.” I was concerned that I was failing our family.

The actress explained that she used to be “fit, healthy, full of energy, keen for adventures, financially stable, and always giggling” and that she no longer felt like herself.

Sam now spends the majority of the day sleeping, can only stomach Vegemite toast, and frequently visits the bathroom to “wee and throw up.”

Despite everything, she has “a little bit more energy” than she did during her first three months of pregnancy and is optimistic that her health will soon improve.

Sam revealed her pregnancy in an Instagram post on Sunday, holding up an ultrasound image while posing with her fiance Jordie Hansen, 26.

She captioned the photo, writing, “There is a tiny human coming soon… everyone act surprised when he inevitably inherits his parents’ odd sense of humor.”

Having only been dating for five months, the couple got engaged.

In May, Jordie proposed to the former Bachelorette while they were traveling from the Northern Territory to South Australia.

Sam claimed on her podcast that before she saw Jordie setting up a camera in the back of the car with “tears in his eyes,” she “had no clue” what was about to happen.

“It was lovely.” She remembered that he was trembling a lot and couldn’t sit down.


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