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SAM’S PLAN EastEnders spoilers: Sam Mitchell plots against Zack Hudson after shock decision

Sam Mitchell of EASTENDERS goes to great measures to topple the Mitchell Empire, and as part of her evil scheme, she plots against Zack Hudson.

The entrepreneur, who is portrayed by Kim Medcalf on the BBC One soap opera, worries that now that her brother Phil has been released from prison, he will expose her.

Zack, the handsome chef played by James Farrer, slept with Sam last month after his girlfriend Nancy Carter dumped him.

Sam vowed not to talk about their passionate night, and Zack chose to keep it a secret from Nancy so as not to upset her.

But a misplaced shot showed Sam sporting Zack’s hoodie while Zack stood topless and looked embarrassed.

In subsequent scenes, Sam notices Zack moping around because of Nancy and gives him some words of inspiration.

Later, they continue to flirt in the pub before being rudely interrupted by a caller.

Does Sam’s flirtatious behaviour have a secret agenda?

It happens after Sam made it known that she was responsible for her own murder and that she intends to topple her brother Phil’s dynasty.

She was tragically shot last week during the family’s conflict with gangster Jonah.

It was discovered that Sam was the brains behind the scheme to destroy her brother Phil’s company.

Thugs broke into the building and threatened Kat Slater and Sharon Watts after an intense fight the night before Peggy’s premiere.

After presuming the men were sent by Jonah to scare the women, the women engaged the men in combat.

But when Kat wouldn’t give in and got into a fight with the hired goons, one of them drew a gun and shot her.

She encountered the goons and paid them for their assistance.

She gave me the money and added, “You weren’t supposed to shoot me.

The men inquired as to whether they were finished, but Sam responded, “Oh no, I’m just getting started.”

After seeing what Sam had been up to, Shirley pressured her into falling for her con.


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