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Spoilers for “Home and Away”: Lyrik play Salt and disclose Cash’s secret

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Leah and Irene are compelled to fire Chloe, and Cash is in for a shock when Mackenzie lets Lyrik play Salt.

The fact that Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) must fight another struggle to get Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to host a music night at Salt does not impress Felicity.

Flick is eager to put all of her work into turning Salt’s fortunes around now that she is officially the new co-owner of Summer Bay’s swankiest restaurant, but Mac hasn’t been very open to her suggestions thus far.

The two have already argued over Flick’s proposal to alter the menu, with Flick insisting that a relaunch was the only viable option. Prior to Flick pointing out that it was obvious it hadn’t succeeded given the amount of debt Salt is in, Mac urged that they should stick to what they are confident is profitable.

Later, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) was the one to tell Mac that she had to change into the person she had pledged to be since Flick had saved her from herself and Mac was being a control freak. Mac apologized to Flick and reiterated their status as equal partners after realizing he was mistaken.

The band Lyrik, which is made up of Flick’s former city friends Bob (Rob Mallett), Kirby (Angelina Thomson), Remi (Adam Rowland), and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), very literally rocked up outside her home.

As they got a break from life on the road, Flick invited them to stay at the house to crash, but she quickly thought of the ideal solution: she could have them perform at Salt!

Mac has just met the band and is leaving the house as the action resumes the following week.

Flick calls Mac a hypocritical snob and says, “I cannot believe that you thought a bunch of couch-surfing, beer-for-breakfast bogans would establish the correct tone for Salt.

Mac finally gives in and says she can only do it for one night after Flick explains that the band will perform for free and that they can take advantage of the opportunity to include a food and drink special on the new menu.

But as soon as one barrier is removed, a new one appears. The band’s lead singer Bob begins to make his presence known in Summer Bay, but he is not interested in hearing Flick’s news until he has gotten his caffeine fix. He instantly turns his nose up at the diner because he figures he won’t get a “good” coffee.

As Maz lists the organic, fairtrade, and dairy-free options available, Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Roo (Georgie Parker) find Bob’s patronizing attitude to be very funny. No exploitation here!

The decision is seemingly made for them when Bob enters again and says no to Flick’s offer of free food and drink in exchange for playing the performance, given that she is also housing them at her home. Bob believes that they have outgrown “backwater” communities like Summer Bay and that nobody of note in the area will be a fan of their music.

Unaware of the drama unfolding, Mac and Dean are already working to promote the band night. Dean is pleased with how his sister is embracing the idea, but Bob becomes upset when he sees posters being placed up around the surf club because he feels that they are being coerced into it.

The band members must ultimately decide, and Eden and Remi don’t have high hopes because Kirby always votes for boyfriend Bob. However, everyone is surprised when Kirby votes against Bob’s desire to accept the gig because she believes they owe Flick because she assisted them in getting to where they are now.

When the band arrives at Salt, Flick is relieved, but then panics once again because there’s still time for things if things go wrong, Mac won’t ever trust her again. She calls her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to make sure he will be there to provide support because she is afraid no one else will.

If something goes wrong, Mac won’t have any more faith in her. She phones her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to confirm his attendance since she is concerned that no one else will be able to help.

As Lyrik start their performance, which appears to go over quite well with the crowd, it’s crunch time.

The band makes Ziggy very impressed, and she persuades Mac that she can afford to take a little time off for a dance since Flick has everything under control.

Cash comes downstairs in the meantime and is shocked to find Lyrik’s name on the poster. Cash agrees to join Dean for a beer upstairs but claims there is a problem as Dean watches him react in surprise.

Dean keeps a close eye on them as Remi keeps an eye on Ziggy as she dances the night away and temporarily exits the stage to join her with his guitar.

He sighs to Tane, “What is it with ladies and guitars?”

Cash, on the other hand, is noticeably uneasy as he reminds Flick that she failed to inform him that the band was Lyrik.

Eden recognizes Cash as he tries to leave quickly, calls his name, and leaps off the stage into his arms.

“Hello, stranger, it’s been a while!” Seductively, Eden states.

Cash is unsure about where to search because he and the old friend of his sister obviously have a past.

Chloe (Sam Barrett) is still working two jobs while burning the candle at both ends in the meantime.

Chloe’s boyfriend Theo (Matt Evans) has already dozed off on the couch when she arrives to spend the night after working a hard day at the gym and the diner’s coffee cart. Irene (Lynne McGranger) is trying to find Chloe, but she is so worn out that she sleeps through her alarm the following morning, prompting Marilyn to cover for her.

Later, a repentant Chloe appears, but when Irene advises her not to take on so many shifts, Chloe starts to lose it. Chloe declares her resignation as she hangs her apron back up on the hook.

Chloe is caught up by Marilyn and is already feeling bad about leaving. She acknowledges that she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, especially Leah after everything she has just done for her. Chloe apologizes and returns to the restaurant, but she struggles the rest of the day, especially after learning that she has botched up the payrolls at the gym.

Leah worries about Chloe and is dissatisfied with her for keeping her struggles a secret from her. When Leah joins the family, Justin (James Stewart) observes that Chloe must feel awkward about trying to put on a brave face for Leah.

Irene and Leah sit Chloe down and gently explain that they are letting her go since they feel there is nothing else they can do. But how will Chloe react?


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