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Spoilers for Home and Away: What is Tex hiding when he swipes an image of Ari?

Kirsty Marillier and Lucas Lineham’s characters, Rose and Tex, recently returned from their first romantic break to the city feeling even more in love. Given that Rose has admitted to having feelings for Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Xander (Luke Van Os) is hesitant about the quickly developing relationship. He ultimately opts to fulfill his vow and refrain from meddling in her affairs. Whatever the case, he can’t help but beam at her newfound joy.

Tex recently joined a gym and has been going there frequently. He starts attending in the late hours, and one evening he takes advantage of the empty building by exploring the office. He scans the area before focusing on the picture of Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mia (Anna Samson), which was taken to commemorate their purchase of the gym. After taking the picture, he leaves. Why is he doing that?

Tex arrives by himself at a commercial warehouse and says, “It’s been a long,” as he welcomes a motorcycle. The area is crowded with leather-clad bikers, many of whom warmly embrace Tex. Tex makes his way through the crowd to a man he addresses as “the Sergeant with arms. He inquires as to what Tex has discovered, and Tex shows him the picture. The man affirms that it is Ari Parata who is there..”

If the man wants to act, Tex claims he can divert the neighborhood cop. He winks as the man inquires how Tex accomplished that. The individual claims that more intelligence needs to be gathered therefore it’s not quite time. Tex returns to Summer Bay after receiving instructions to enter again. What are the men planning for the Paratas now that his double existence has been made clear?

Chloe (Sam Barrett) is being observed by a menacing motorbike-riding stranger outside her home. She doesn’t notice the figure and goes about her evening as usual. It’s Tex when the rider lifts his helmet. Later, Tex is working out again in the gym while keeping a close eye on her. Chloe realizes abruptly that the picture of Mia and Ari is missing and starts desperately looking for it. Tex decides this is a good time to act.


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