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Suki Panesar of EastEnders will reveal shocking information following a death.

Suki Panesar from EastEnders will make a shocking announcement next week as the repercussions of Ranveer Gulati’s murder begin to surface.

Soon-to-air scenes will see Ash noticing Suki’s symptoms and asking Nina to check on her.

Then Ravi, who killed his father after Suki believed she had but had not, will appear and advise her to act as normally as possible in order to avoid suspicion.

She will concur and open the Minute Mart, but later he will see that it is closed and stress to Suki once more how important it is to act normally.

The two will then inform Suki’s children that they have acquired Walford East after that. What will happen with that?

The episode where Ranveer was killed by Ravi, which has been available on iPlayer all week and was broadcast tonight, August 10, will be familiar to viewers who have seen it. They will be aware that Ravi is keeping Suki from learning the truth by making her believe she killed rather than injured Ranveer.

He has taken his deception so far as to manipulate the security camera footage. Will he ever be apprehended?

Actor Aaron Thiara explained the mental state of his character after killing his own father as follows: “Ravi is gasping for air and is overcome with a variety of conflicting emotions. In essence, it’s someone you still care about, no matter your relationship to them, and a small part of you dies when you see them in that situation or when they pass away.

“Because of their tense relationship and how much he cared for a male role in his life, I believe Ravi would have been startled by how much he genuinely cared.


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