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Ways Track Moz Authority

5 Ways to Monitor the Growth of Your Moz Domain Authority Growth

Ways Track Moz Authority
Ways Track Moz Authority

In the past, Google publicly displayed one of their primary metrics used to evaluate websites, that of the PageRank of the website. PageRank was named in honor of Larry Page, one of the Google founders was a numerical indicator of the worth of a website. Because it was a publicly-available and reliable measurement, it is a fair reason that a lot of marketing and SEO experts began looking for ways to mold, shape and manipulate, spoof or modify to alter or modify the PageRank of a website. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Although it’s a straightforward numerical indicator, there’s lots of science and math behind PageRank. To grasp the concept, just scroll through the Wikipedia page for the formulas. They’re not straightforward algebra, they are. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Around the time of 2011 , or around that time, Google started making fewer and fewer changes to the visible public PageRank mostly to counter the growing number of users who were too focused on one metric and did not pay enough attention to the real importance that the information. The wait was extended to nearly a year before the official announcement finally came. In October of 2014 Matt Cutts announced that there were no updates to the publicly visible PageRank. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Google still employs PageRank internally, naturally. It’s valuable and fundamental to their algorithm for them not to utilize. But, it’s not accessible or relevant for modern marketers. Anyone who encourages you to get hyperlinks from websites with good PR, or who boasts publicly on their reputation, or those who use their Google toolbar to look up the various sites’ PR is operating on outdated information and shouldn’t be relied upon. Anyone who hasn’t paid sufficient focus on the fundamentals of their business over the last three years or longer is not someone you would like to collaborate with. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Enter Moz

Moz was formerly SEOMoz which, as you’re awareof, is one of the biggest SEO and analytics firms worldwide. Moz has no connection with Google However, they – along with their customers experienced the pain of visibility PageRank. Moz started to create an alternative metric to PageRank. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Okay, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Moz had their metrics prior to the demise of PageRank and they concentrated their attention on them to ensure that they were as precise and as widely useful as they could be, in order to ensure they were best placed to take over the once-popular Google measurement. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Domain Authority is the primary measurement Moz has that is the most like the former PageRank. It’s a metric which considers many different sub-metrics like the quantity of links, link count, additional Moz metrics such as MozRank and MozTrust as well as many other. It analyzes and compiles all of them to generate one numerical score which ranges from 0 up to 100 which is 100, the most desirable. This score can be described as logarithmic. This means that it’s not difficult to go from 0 to 10, but it’s much more difficult to go between 20 and 30, and it’s extremely difficult to go between 70 and 80. There aren’t many sites that have an DA of 100 and they’re usually websites that are similar to Google that Google. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Domain Authority is a site-wide measurement, which means the DA will be identical from page the page. If you want a page-level authority metric you’ll want Page Authority, a similar measure also offered by Moz. It’s not named after Larry Page, though. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Important Notes about Domain Authority

Domain Authority is not a complete ranking that takes into account the SEO aspects in all their entirety. It is a heavily linked-oriented and trust-based metric. Therefore, two sites that have the identical DA could have different value. It’s useful to have, but it isn’t necessarily a reliable indicator of the quality of a website. – Ways Track Moz Authority

There are two methods to monitor Domain Authority for your own use. One is for historical analysis; you can compare your DA today to your DA this moment, then comparing it to one week earlier and a month ago and one year ago, to let you know how far you’ve come. Another one is comparative, taking a look at your DA as well as those of your biggest rival can provide you with an idea of where you are relative to the subject of link profiles. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Another thing important to mention before we begin to look at tracking strategies are it is that Domain Authority is constantly being modified and upgraded. Moz includes links and sites into their search indexes, deactivates other sites, and alters the impact of different factors which affect the overall metric. – Ways Track Moz Authority

This means this means Domain Authority can vary from week to week and from month to month, but in an amount that doesn’t allow for historical data to be considered valuable. It is possible to experience an DA decline of a few points, but nothing was changed on your side. There was no loss of any value or links, but the overall Domain Authority metric changed, and when this happens, the majority of people experience drops. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Actually, Moz even has a disclaimer on their “What is Domain Authority” page, which I linked to above. “Since they’re scaled based on 100-point scale, following every update, the calculations are recalculated. This means that the Authority score for a particular site or page could decrease regardless of whether the page or site has improved its link count or high-quality.”This is why Moz suggests using it as an comparison measure; your previous data may show downward trends which don’t necessarily indicate the loss of value. – Ways Track Moz Authority

However, if you’re still looking to see the rate at which your DA has grown over time, it’s your right to do this. If your DA is less (under 60 or less the changes tend to cause growth, in the end. It’s the case when DA is higher, and your changes fall within the range of 1-5 points that the fluctuations will show no relationship to the reality. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Monitoring and Measuring Historical Domain Authority

There are plenty of different options you could utilize to track the progress of your Domain Authority over time. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Method #1 is straightforward, however it is labor-intensive. Use your Moz Open Site Explorer to search your website and then record the date as well as your present Domain Authority in whatever format you prefer. It’s completely free, however, you’ll need to manually enter and take the data as you need it, since you don’t have API access, and you cannot use an automated data scraper. – Ways Track Moz Authority

The main drawbacks of this method are clear. First, there issue is time, and the effort required. You’ll need to take a look at and gather your data. Any missed opportunity in your calendar is a data point that you do not have. It’s impossible to go back to retrieve it either. Another disadvantage is that you can’t access more data from the past. The data you collect is only valid up to when you began recording it. If you’re looking for data that’s older but you’re not going to get it. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Method 2 is the method Moz is likely to recommend and that’s the cost of Moz Pro membership. Moz Pro Membership. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Moz Pro gets you a wide range of access to number of tools, including keywords trackers, web crawling and much more. One of those tools is the historical tracking of Domain Authority – as well as Page Authority and other metrics for your website. Of course, this is in the event that your website has been and is currently listed in their index. Moz isn’t Google and doesn’t have the spiders of search engines crawling millions of websites each day. Moz’s index is slower to update and has a smaller, having a “mere” number of 165 billion URLs, compared to Google’s reported 130+ trillion pages. Moz generally updates their links each hour, however, their entire index updates only every month. – Ways Track Moz Authority

The drawback is that you’re paying for many features that you may not use. If all you need is the ability to track metric data, it’s expensive; the most affordable Moz Pro plan is $100 per month in the end, after all. – Ways Track Moz Authority

The third method is to utilize one of the various third-party software. In this instance the program I’m talking about is RankWyz. RankWyz is an example of a black/gray tool that is a black hat, as it allows you to establish the, manage and monitor private blogs. PBNs are extremely disapproved of and are rescinded by Google and can be risky to increase the growth of your site. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Similar to Moz Pro it’s an extensive tool that comes that comes with many different options, many of which you do not require or need for what you’re only interested in monitoring. Although they do provide a stripped-down version for free however, the most affordable version that comes with DA tracking is their Pro 15,000 bundle priced at less than 100 dollars per month. For that price as long as you’re not purchasing an PBN or a PBN, you may prefer Moz Pro. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Option 4 is to utilize another third party tool and this time Cyfe. Cyfe isn’t an automated or exploiting tool, but it’s an excellent analytics dashboard. It provides a wide range of different types of data on single or multiple websites, in an easily customizable dashboard. You can configure specific data sources for your data, see real-time reports on data sources that are compatible export data, as well as view the historical data. There are widgets for integrating data from a variety of sources, including SalesForce, AdWords, and Moz to Alexa, Instagram, and Klout. – Ways Track Moz Authority

The downside it that the trial version of Cyfe is restricted. It does provide DA in your feeds, but it’s only limited to the most recent 30 days. If you’re interested in more data from “a one month back,” then you’ll need to pay for premium. However it’s the most affordable choice so far, at $19 per month to get unlimited all of your data. – Ways Track Moz Authority

Method 5 is quite like Cyfe It’s an online monitoring dashboard that’s a cloud-based application called Klipfolio. It’s not as smooth as Cyfe but it does require some work to setup the integrations you’d like but it will give you great insights into your online presence. It integrates with a variety of applications however, the one that is most relevant in this instance is Moz. – Ways Track Moz Authority

In this particular application it is necessary to create your own dashboard. There are two pre-built Moz dashboards and one was designed by Rand Fishkin himself. Or, you can flip the individual metrics to create your own dashboard. You can also build your own API-specific queries, if would like, but this needs access to Moz API that I’ll cover in the next. – Ways Track Moz Authority

The cost of Klipfolio will depend on how many different users you have and the number of different dashboards you would like to use. The most basic package is priced at $19 per month. It works on five accounts and five screens. If you just want just one DA metrics on one dashboard, that’s enough. Dashboards can also contain multiple metrics simultaneously This makes it more flexible than you believe. – Ways Track Moz Authority

If you’re looking to report downloads, embedded reports or manage client information and client data, you must have the $39/month plan, which will allow you to expand your capabilities. Additionally, you can’t modify themes or utilize white-label versions of the software without adding add-ons that can be quite costly. White-label extensions cost around $500 per month for instance.

Technique 6 The last method I’ll be discussing below, is make an individual solution. This is similar to the “make an API call that is custom” method that Klipfolio offers but with more freedom because you can program everything you want. If you know how to write code, or employ a professional to write code for you and create any kind of monitoring, analytics, or reporting application you like.

The main drawback to this method is the requirement to have API access. To get the information you require from Moz it is necessary to connect to their API which is a service by itself. They charge according to the amount of rows of data that you require per month and the speed of processing requests.

Moz API access is available in five types:

  • Free, limit to one request every 10 seconds as well as up to 25K rows per calendar month.
  • Entry level with monthly 120K rows and 200 request per second and $250 per month.
  • Low volume low volume, with 500K rows every month, and 200 request per second which is $500 per month.
  • Mid-volume, that is 4 millions rows per month. 200 request per second for $2,000 per month.
  • Max volume, forty million rows every month. 200 request per second with a monthly budget of $10,000.

Each plan can be expanded with a greater degree of precision however, at a set rate of 10,000 additional rows. The price is less expensive the higher the plan you choose, ranging between $20 per 10K and $3.50 each 10K.

Of course, this isn’t the most affordable choice however, it has the main benefit of versatility. With the possibility of creating any app you’d like with an endless supply of data that you can make something amazing. You could also create one-note DA check-and-record application using API access for free and call it great. It’s up to you to decide, truly.


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