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Who is Ravi Gulati? EastEnders casts new villain promising shocking twists

Here is all the information you need to know about the newest antagonist on EastEnders, Ravi Gulati, who has been confirmed by the show to become a regular.

As a regular, Ravi Gulati will be a part of the cast of EastEnders. (Photo: PA)

Ravi Gulati was introduced to EastEnders viewers earlier this week.

The new character will now be a regular on EastEnders, and viewers can anticipate seeing a lot more of him going forward, according to the soap opera.

The executive producer of the show, Chris Clenshaw, said about Ravi: “Unlike Aaron, who is a brilliant addition to the EastEnders ensemble, Ravi is intriguing, devious, and dangerous, and can shift from lovely to menacing with very little warning.

Everywhere Ravi goes, disaster follows, so we’re all looking forward to seeing Aaron bring the character to life. There will also be plenty of drama and startling revelations.

Later this summer, Ravi is anticipated to return to television. Here is all the information you need to know about the newest member of the soap opera before he returns to Albert Square.

Ravi Gulati, who is he?

The most recent actor to join the cast of Eastenders is Ravi Gulati. (Photo: PA)

The friend of the Panesar family, Ranveer, is the father of Ravi Gulati.

Although Ravi is now incarcerated, his release from jail is imminent.

He runs across Phil Mitchell, who was imprisoned after being charged with planning a murder, while still inside.

Phil asks Ravi for assistance and offers to pay him for backup since he realises that his life is in danger.

But Ravi won’t accept the bargain unless Phil provides him with knowledge about Kheerat, even though it’s unclear why he wants this.

Ravi will visit his father when he is freed from prison in an effort to assist with the family company.

However, it appears that the Panesars might not be pleased to see him as the cunning figure starts to stir up trouble in the Square.

Aaron Thiara: who is he?

British actor Aaron Thiara works in both theatre and film (Image: instagram)

Aaron Thiara, a British stage and screen actor, portrays Ravi.

In addition to performing for the Royal Shakespeare Company, he was in the 2017 movie The Boy with the Topknot.

Aaron debuted on EastEnders on Monday (July 4), but he will soon make a comeback.

“My heart is filled with enormous appreciation to be joining such an iconic programme, working alongside a stellar cast and a remarkable production team, ” he remarked in reference to being given a regular role on the serial.

“My family and I am quite proud of this. I’m really excited for people to see Ravi on TV and experience his wild journey—this is a wonderful opportunity for me as an actor!

Fans expressed their happiness in the EastEnders Instagram comments section after learning that the handsome actor would be making frequent appearances on their TVs.

“Oh OK then, if we absolutely MUST have a hunky new character,” said one spectator. I hope he gets a good plot with lots of action.

Another person said, “He looks wonderful and hot.”


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