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Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy misses Deirdre and Blanche as Amy moves out

Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) has caused quite a commotion on Coronation Street by committing crimes ranging from bullying to arson.

Things could worsen if she follows in her father’s footsteps, though. Literally.

John Stape has returned to pursue Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and her family as a book revealing his atrocities is about to be published.

When the author of the article was first unknown to the family, they started to suspect Phill (Jamie Whittaker), who had just lately been rejected by Fiz, might be to blame.

Young Hope recognises an opportunity, but Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and Fiz remain horrified by the concept of a book about the serial killer.

She tells her classmates that she has a copy and that she will read from it and sign copies in exchange for a donation of £1.

She then sits down with Sam (Jude Riordan) in the cafe and confides in him about how much her father and she resemble one another and how the book has helped her realise this.

Now that Hope seems to be proud of her father’s book, will she start to take inspiration from his crimes?

Tim proposed that Tracy, Sally (Sally Dynevor), Steve (Simon Gregson), and he spend more time together to cheer Tracy up. She asked, “Is that intended to cheer me up?” In all honesty, we would be here for it to happen. Also present for more Tracy and Tim scenes, without a doubt.


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