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EastEnders’ Heather Trott actress Cheryl Fergison wows fans with her vocals at festival as people compare her to Lady Gaga

Cheryl might emerge as the next big singing star.

Last weekend, Cheryl Fergison, a former EastEnders actor who portrayed Heather Trott, was spotted singing in front of a large crowd of adoring fans at an Irish Pride celebration. The actress hosted the Mullingar Pride event WERK! Fest on Saturday, July 16 at Belvedere House Gardens and Park.

By putting on a “top extravaganza of incredible talent from the world of Drag, Pop and beyond,” the event was designed to commemorate LGBTQ+ culture. Cheryl wowed the audience as soon as she entered the stage by screaming out the legendary song “Believe” by Cher.

More admirers of the actress and the serial were enthralled when a video of her performing appeared on social media. Shane Barker, the director and host of the Westmeath Bachelor Festival, first took the footage.

Cheryl can be seen sporting a white pair of pants, a floor-length gold jacket, and a gold top. The initial commenter exclaimed, “The vocals?!! “Gaga who?”

Fans rushed to commend the actress for her skills in the comments, with one person simply commenting “Icon.”

Another person asked: “May I ask why everyone is standing so far from the stage? I believe she is intimidated by her talent.

Another remarked, “Cher who? Our Hev is a formidable force. Her performance is unsurpassed in its passion! When will she start laughing again?

“This is my chromatica trip,” a fourth wrote.

The actress was seen busking earlier this year in the Lancashire town of Cleveley, outside of a takeout restaurant. According to The Mirror, Cheryl was reportedly singing heartily to advertise a night at her neighbourhood Chinese restaurant.

The popular actress was busking, per The Sun, to entice residents to attend a banquet and karaoke night she will be hosting at Great Fortune House later this week. The local person who revealed Cheryl’s singing abilities said that onlookers were rather astonished to see the former soap star belting out songs on the street.

On her TikTok account, Cheryl had also been providing “bespoke” one-on-one lessons, which, according to The Sun, cost £0 per session. She also provides other services including screenplay reading, screen acting, acting lessons, and confidence development.

From 2007 to 2012, the actress played Shirley Carter’s best friend in the BBC soap opera Albert Square. She enjoyed George Michael, cheese, and karaoke. Her marriage to Minty Peterson, portrayed by Call the Midwife favourite Cliff Parisi, was a notable plot point. Naturally, her unexpected pregnancy with Darren Miller followed.

She spent a lot of her time on the soap opera struggling financially while raising George Michael, her son. Their son was subsequently given to Darren, and Heather and Andrew Cotton had a rocky relationship. Her appearance on the show came to an end when Ben Mitchell cruelly killed her character.


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