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Coronation Street theory: Beloved couple torn apart after James Bailey exits Street

Aggie Bailey from Coronation Street and Tim Metcalfe have been getting closer lately as she helps him with a problem he confided in her about. She was even by his side when her son James Bailey recently had a cardiac arrest while playing football. Will Aggie and Ed Bailey be torn apart for good when James decides to leave, according to a theory published by yzee.uk?

Tim (Joe Duttine) has been seeking Aggie’s (Lorna Laidlaw’s) advice ever since he confided in her about his impotence struggles, which have caused him and his wife, Sally Metcalf, to become estranged (Sally Dynevor).Aggie, a licensed nurse, and Tim initially got together just so Aggie could reassure Tim, but over the past few weeks, they have spent a lot of time together and seem to have a spark. Fans of Coronation Street have predicted that the two will have a relationship, and it appears that they may be correct. James (Nathan Graham) will decide to leave next week, according to official ITV soap opera spoilers. Could Aggie turn to Tim rather than her own husband for solace? The two might start having an affair, which could end Aggie and Ed’s (Trevor Michael Georges) marriage permanently.

James will be given a job opportunity that he can’t refuse, according to spoilers.

When Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) tells James that a youth center close to Lewisham is looking for a football coach, it happens.

James promises to call them right away after realizing it’s close to Danny Tomlinson’s (Dylan Brady) residence.

Later, James tells Ronnie with excitement that he will start working at the youth center on Monday.

James informs the family that he has a fantastic new job, but that it requires him to relocate to London, while they are dining in the bistro.

James receives a tearful goodbye from Ed, Aggie, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell), and Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown).

Aggie will probably take the news particularly hard because she has been worried about James, especially ever since his terrifying health scare.

Aggie was with Tim the night James passed away, but Ed is still in the dark about this.

When she eventually arrived at the hospital, a terrified Ed questioned: “Where were you when they just took him through for more testing? Why did you not pick up the phone?”

Ed never learned the real situation because the two were preoccupied.

Tim visited the hospital as well to see how James and Aggie were doing.

He is awake, they’re just taking him to the CCU, the latter informed him. He is in an excellent ward.

Tim said, feeling bad: “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry he was playing; if I had left, he wouldn’t have; it’s my fault because of my foolish pride.

Although she tried to reassure him, Aggie was nevertheless troubled by the incident. She said, “You couldn’t have known, it’s my fault, I should have been there.

“My family needed me to be there for them. I should leave.

Aggie appeared to feel bad because she was conscious of her growing feelings for Tim.

Aggie might find herself turning to Tim for solace if she is upset about James’ departure and feels guilty for not wanting him to leave.

Aggie might feel that she needs a logical viewpoint because Ed is likely to be equally upset.

Additionally, Aggie has been helping the cabbie for weeks, so they have mutual trust.

But if Aggie and Tim find themselves getting a little too close, their morals might be called into question.

Tim might start out by consoling his friend, but things might get out of hand and the two might start having an affair.

It’s likely that the truth will come out in an explosive way, in true Coronation Street style.

Will the two relationships be able to endure despite the heartbreak that Sally and Ed will experience?
They probably won’t, and Ed might decide to permanently break things off with Aggie.

It’s also likely that they won’t both stay on the Street if they decide to get a divorce.

Aggie might decide to relocate to another city to escape everything, possibly moving in with her son in London.

Could James’ career change cause such a ruckus and Aggie’s eventual departure as well?

Fans have speculated that Tim and Aggie’s close bond may develop into something more, and they probably wouldn’t be shocked if they began an affair.

The Baileys have grown to be a Weatherfield staple, so viewers will be upset to see them torn apart.

Will Sally and Tim fight to save their union, or will the four of them have to move on with their lives?

When the truth is revealed, it’s possible that two couples are broken up.


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