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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ Stephen Reid’s next move as they spot serial killer clue

After Stephen Reid pushed Leo Thompkins off the top of Underworld on Monday night, Coronation Street viewers were on the edge of their seats. Many people believe they have figured out who his next victim will be, though.

Since his arrival back from Madrid, Corrie bad guy Stephen (Todd Boyce) has been on viewers’ minds. Sue Nicholls’ iconic role Audrey Roberts was feared by many because Stephen was fervently trying to get his hands on her money. However, after killing Leo (Joe Frost) in a fight on the Underworld roof, he started committing darker crimes. Since then, fans have been adamant that they have identified Stephen’s next victim as the next serial killer from Weatherfield.

After learning that his fiance Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) had kissed Stephen after their brief breakup, Leo was determined to show that Stephen isn’t who he seems.

Leo decided to talk to the estate agent whose appointment it was to value Audrey Roberts’ home as he started to plot his retaliation against Stephen.

He then proceeded to listen in on a conversation between Stephen and Gabrielle to find out more about their respective reasons for being in town.

Leo confronted Stephen on the balcony and admitted he had heard every word and was aware of his scheme to seize Audrey’s home’s equity in order to pay her back.

Leo teased Stephen for following him up the gantry and threatened to alert Audrey to his true motives by calling the police.

Leo fell unconscious into the open trash can below as Stephen, in a desperate attempt to avoid being discovered, pushed him off the balcony.

Stephen was startled when Sarah Barlow (Tina O’Brien) soon showed up, causing him to close the bin with Leo’s body still inside.

Later, as Stephen moved and disposed of Leo’s body in chilling scenes, it was made clear that he had passed away.

The gravity of the crime Stephen had committed started to haunt him during Wednesday night’s episode as he experienced flashbacks of the incident.

Again, in an effort to avoid being discovered, Stephen pretended as if nothing had occurred as Jenny grew concerned because they were supposed to be leaving for Canada.

Leo most likely crashed at a friend’s house, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) reassured her mother, but she soon started to worry as well.

To make it appear as though Leo had returned for his belongings and left for Canada without Jenny, Stephen crept into the Rover’s Return and stole Leo’s passport and suitcase.

To make sure the story was believed, Stephen was seen burning Leo’s belongings from his suitcase and his passport as the episode came to a close.

However, many fans have made predictions about who they believe Stephen Reid will use as his next mark.

Some people have posted on Twitter that they believe his estranged wife Gabrielle, who has been extorting money from him, will be the next.

@Cinders12345678, a Coronation Street fan, commented: “Do you believe Stephen will commit another murder? I’m speculating that his ex-wife Corrie might be the next.”

Added John Maybles “So, @itvcorrie, I’m assuming Stephen’s wife is the next victim? #Corrie #coronationstreet”

Posted by @DeviantDomme “That was really intense. I wonder if we’re dealing with a new Richard Hillman. I believe Stephen’s wife will be the next, therefore! #Corrie.”

However, some people disliked the idea of a new serial killer plot because

Ondo Lady exploded: “The serial killer tale is back, and I bet Steven will kill his wife next. #Corrie.”

Rachie concurred: “#Corrie Really, another murderer? Please don’t tell me that Stephen will be a nuisance for several more months.”

echoed @RubyRache: “@itvcorrie Do not follow the path of another serial killer, please. Another drawn-out, ridiculous storyline is not something we need.” (sic)


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