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EastEnders newcomer Aaron Thiara reacts to shocking Ravi murder twist

Aaron Thiara, a newcomer to EastEnders, has responded to Ravi’s shocking murder revelation.

The episode that aired on Wednesday, August 10, took an unexpected turn after it seemed Suki Panesar may have killed Ranveer Gulati while he was attempting to attack her.

Ravi (Thiara), the son of Ranveer, arrived to survey the damage but decided to side with Suki and assist her in tidying up the area. The moment Ravi saw his father alive, he immediately sent her on her way.

Then, there was a second twist: just as Ravi was about to kill his father for good, Suki revealed that she had a secret camera that was recording the entire terrible exchange.

Aaron described Ravi’s feelings over the death of his father, saying that Ravi was “gut-wrenched, breathless, and experiencing a lot of conflicting feelings. In essence, it’s someone you still care about, no matter your relationship to them, and a small part of you dies when you see them in that situation or when they pass away.

Because of their tense relationship and how much he cared for a male role in his life, I believe Ravi would have been startled by how much he genuinely cared.

Ravi only recently appeared in Albert Square, so It didn’t take long for newcomer Aaron Thiara to be sucked into the Panesar family drama.

It may seem cliche, but the cast of “Panesars” is “so amazing and they’re so wonderful to work with,” he remarked. “They have embraced me and allowed me to infuse the family with a fresh energy.

“They’ve given me the self-assurance to work with actors who are so eager to accept and then give without expecting anything in return. It is very much like a family, and I’ve been fortunate to be a part of it, without sounding too corny.

“I’m extremely interested to see where the dynamics and connections on and off-screen take us,” the actor who portrays Kheerat, Jaz, said. “I knew Jaz [before], so it’s good for me and him to reconnect in this way.”

Because viewers don’t yet understand why Ravi chose to support Suki over his father, it has been difficult to get a good read on him thus far. In yet-to-air scenes, Aaron has enjoyed exploring the character’s motivations.

The actor stated, “I think when you understand a character, but don’t really identify to them – because his acts are so improbable and he has an infinite personality and does what he needs to move forward, you try and dig into the core reasons why they do what they do.”

“I use a variety of tools to aid layer his voyage, such as images and music, which give me the impression that I fully grasp the mood and energy of the scenario. Then there are the specifics of the script, lines, and delivery, and previous work might assist you become used to playing the part and embodying the character.”


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