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EastEnders spoilers: Exit storyline confirmed for Sam as she leaves Walford

In upcoming EastEnders episodes, Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) packs her luggage and departs from Walford.

So far, Sam’s return has not been a happy one. She is engaged in shady business with Jonah (Mark Mooney) and drug peddling at Peggy’s; Phil (Steve McFadden) is enraged by the majority of her deeds.

After realizing that Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan) sexually assaulted Ben, Sam has decided to attempt and exact retribution in order to once again prove her mettle (Max Bowden).

Coming up, Sam tries to contact Phil through Kat (Jessie Wallace), but nothing works.

Sam, who has given up all hope, decides to leave Walford and approaches Kat to get the safe combination so she may receive her passport.

Sam is given the code by Kat, but she is cautioned not to take anything else.

We are well familiar with Phil Mitchell…

What is kept there?

of course, a firearm.

Zack (James Farrar) contacts Sam as she prepares to depart and informs her that he has located Lewis.

Sam and Zack get in the car and head off to retrieve Lewis while Sam is carrying the gun from the safe.

All of us anticipated this kind of retaliation, but will Sam see that killing Lewis is not what Ben would have wanted?


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