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EastEnders stars who you can pay to wish you a Happy Birthday from actor who will cost whopping £167 while another is just £34

The service offers fans the opportunity to video chat with their favourite celebrities, who will wish them a happy birthday.

You’ll pay an unbelievable sum to speak with Cliff Parisi. (Image: Laura Radford / Nealstreet Productions / BBC)

Ever wished you could receive a unique birthday greeting from your favourite soap opera actor? Actually, this is highly likely to happen. There is a roster of well-known TV and movie actors on the Cameo website and in their app that you can chat with for a fee.

The likes of Rita Simons, Nina Wadia, Jake Wood, and many other prominent former and current EastEnders players are available to speak with. While you might anticipate those stars to be the most costly, you might be pleasantly surprised by the most expensive star.

Speaking with Call the Midwife actor and former EastEnders cast member Cliff Parisi will set you back £167. For a personalised film for you or someone else, the actor who portrayed Minty in EastEnders and Fred Buckle in Call the Midwife charges £167, while a business cameo costs £588. Cliff’s live video will set you back £501. He presently has a five star rating out of 24 reviews, so it appears that he is priceless!

Speaking with Danny Hatchard, who portrayed Lee Carter on the BBC programme, costs only $34, which is at the other end of the spectrum. Cliff is obviously popular with the public, while Danny just has one review, albeit a five-star one. It states: “Danny – I appreciate your time, your comments, and especially your thoughts. Even at the age of nearly 70, I still have a large smile on my face. I honestly believe I was 45 just a few months ago. It all happened SO quickly. Tomorrow I’ll get up, workout, and smile.”

All interactions with celebrities take place via video chat, giving everyone involved the opportunity to capture and share the joyful event. Cameo’s website states: “The future includes more than just customised videos. World-class products that we’ve developed make it simpler for you to interact with your favourite celebrities.”

Here is a list of all the EastEnders actors who have appeared on Cameo. Along with Craig Fairbrass, Ricky Groves, Hetti Bywater, Kate Robbins, and Nicole Faraday, Toby-Alexander Smith, star of Gray Atkins who just departed Albert Square to concentrate on parenting, is also listed.


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