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Emmerdale fans confused by credits at end of first episode in triple bill

Tonight’s triple-bill Emmerdale and hour-long Corrie represent a soap takeover.

Fans of Emmerdale were left perplexed tonight when Emmerdale’s 90-minute epic triple bill ended with the credits already rolling.

Emmerdale and Corrie have both been serving up more drama, which has delighted soap opera fans. Emmerdale is airing a third episode tonight to make up for episodes that were supposed to air last week due to the Queen Elizabeth II death throwing off the TV schedule in recent days.

There will be plenty to talk about for fans of soap operas thanks to the hour-long episode of Coronation Street. Additionally, fans have been tweeting about their excitement.

After a “evil” week, some have said that this is exactly what they needed, while others are unsure of how much “misery [they] can handle.” Fans will be able to satisfy their craving for soaps this evening, which is fortunate since there won’t be any soaps on Monday due to The Queen’s funeral.

However, despite there still being an hour of Emmerdale to air, the move from ITV has been dubbed “pointless” by fans of the show after the credits rolled at 7.55 p.m.

RT @Supergav: “#Emmerdale If we are watching the same program for an hour and a half, what use are the closing credits? I’m #Emmerdale at http://ConFused.com.”

“Why didn’t it just go on instead of ending it then putting it back on ffs #Emmerdale,” asked @runninoncaffeine.

When #Emmerdale decides to do three separate episodes, @Hassanhussain747 tweeted: “#itv… wtf.”

“Do go anywhere there are still two to go…….#Emmerdale,” tweeted @pnejonno21.

Why in the name of the almighty f*** are there three #Emmerdale episodes, asked @kylesew1221.

“Utter nonsense and we still have two episodes left,” tweeted @jordanphelps21.

The first of tonight’s triple bill was originally scheduled to air earlier in the week, which is why Emmerdale included the credits at the end of the first episode.

ITV canceled Emmerdale last Thursday when the Queen passed away; normally, Thursdays feature an hour-long episode.

A few days later, the second half of the double feature was broadcast, leaving Emmerdale one episode behind.

Since that episode was caught up between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. tonight, the remaining episodes of Emmerdale are now broadcast every Thursday for an hour. For this reason, the first episode had credits at the end.


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