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Emmerdale theory: Kim Tate heartbroken as Will elopes with Harriet

Next week’s episode of Emmerdale will feature trouble at Home Farm after Kim Tate is left in shock after Harriet Finch tries to sabotage her relationship with Will Taylor before their wedding. According to a brand-new theory put forth by yzee.uk, after Harriet successfully drives a wedge between them, he may decide she is the ideal bride for him.

Fans of Emmerdale will see in the upcoming episodes that Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton), despite trying to ignore her feelings for Will (Dean Andrews), just can’t help herself. suggesting that if the wedding with Kim (Claire King) goes ahead, he might lose his daughter permanently and sowing a doubt that might lead to the marriage being called off entirely as feelings begin to be reciprocated.

According to recent ITV spoilers, Dawn’s anger over Millie’s lies will start to subside the following week, despite the fact that tensions at Home Farm will continue to rise.

Harriet is attempting to conceal her true feelings for Will, just as Will is attempting to conceal his anger over his future wife throwing out Dawn.

The couple’s relationship is tense before their wedding because Will worries that his daughter won’t be there. Kim decides to swallow her pride and apologize to her stepdaughter.

Will still has some reservations about whether or not their wedding should go ahead, despite the fact that the couple has reconciled.

Harriet uses the chance to drive a wedge between them by warning him that, should the wedding go ahead as planned, he might permanently lose his daughter.

Furious with Harriet for interfering with her husband, Kim threatens her, but it backfires when Harriet runs back to Will and tells him everything.

Will, who is beginning to doubt what he sees in Kim, learns that she is beginning to exclude some guests from their wedding as she reaffirms her love for him.

According to a new theory put forth by yzee.uk, after he discovers Kim has a different side, his thoughts begin to turn to the seemingly sympathetic Harriet.

Will is pushed farther away from and closer to Harriet as he realizes she is the one he has wanted all along after witnessing Kim’s cruel behavior.

Could Emmerdale fans be about to witness the couple elope in a shocking turn of events given that a suit and rings have already been brought?

Big storylines are in the works for the ITV soap as it gears up for its 50th anniversary celebrations, which would be appropriate for a shocking wedding dash.

The actress Katherine Dow Blyton discussed her character’s upcoming episodes with Inside Soap and what might be in store for her and Will.

“Harriet has never stopped loving Will,” she remarked. She will start to become anxious as the wedding draws closer.

“For her, it’s now or never; she’s anxious to express her feelings to Will.

“She kind of goes crazy about it!”

The Emmerdale actress, who debuted in 2013, also made light of the possibility of a conflict between her and Kim over Will’s affections.

The show is keeping a lot of its upcoming plans a secret before the significant anniversary.

Fans are aware that Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen), Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh), and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) will all make a comeback, though.

Additionally, a significant storm has been predicted for the Dales, and the show’s producer Kate Brooks has acknowledged that some of the residents will face danger.


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