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Home and Away Spoilers – Karen returns as Ziggy goes into labour

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, there’s a surprise arrival for Dean and Ziggy, as baby Thompson makes an early entrance… But not before there comes still another unanticipated guest!

After learning she was pregnant back in October, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has not had the easiest pregnancy. She and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) even had to rush to the hospital this week to find Ziggy having Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Dean packing the TV remote and a surfboard leash to take to the hospital in his panic wasn’t the most helpful, so Ziggy and Dean realised they’d need to step up their game in time for the real thing.

As they approach the end of the pregnancy, Dean has started to make progress by offering Mali (Kyle Shilling) a job at the board shop while he is away, and Ziggy has finally spoken with Justin (James Stewart) about her maternity leave.

Dean, however, must constantly take calls from his mother Karen (Georgia Adamson). After Ziggy doesn’t answer her phone, Karen becomes concerned about her. Dean answers the phone and tells Karen that Ziggy is in bed. He promises to call Karen the following day, but when that morning is busy and he doesn’t, Karen is back on the blower, fearing that Ziggy might be in labour. She needs to be reminded by Dean that the baby is still three weeks away.

Never one to be deterred by small print, Karen subsequently shocks Dean and Ziggy by showing up to the farmhouse and expressing her willingness to assist!

According to Sophie, Dean and Ziggy are beginning to realise they are not adequately prepared. “They had no idea that the delivery is approaching, and then Karen shows up!”

As Karen inspects the nursery and expresses her disapproval of the mobile that Ziggy’s mother Maggie (Kestie Morassi) sent over from Italy, the pair look at each other in panic, hoping to find a simple way out, but all they can manage is to put on a brave face.

Ziggy casually inquires as to how long Karen intends to stay, and is taken aback when she replies that she’ll be there until the baby is born.

Although Dean had told her they had everything under control, Karen reckons she could hear the alarm bells in his voice. She has scheduled time off of work, and her fiancé Brett (Aaron Glenane) has given the go-ahead. She is now prepared to meet her new grandchild.

The two start arguing as Dean tries to reassure his mother that everything is under control; they are unaware that Ziggy is beginning to writhe in agony.

“Hello! Ziggy is compelled to shout, “Pregnant woman in labour,” in order to stop the Thompsons’ argument.

As Ziggy says that this time is the genuine deal, Karen can’t contain her excitement. You are stunning!

Dean counts the contractions instead of following Karen’s advice to get Ziggy a drink, and they swiftly decide that it is time to go to the maternity ward.

Dean is at the hospital helping Ziggy when Karen shows up and interrupts them.

She has a nice box of food with her and is obviously committed to the journey after defying Dean’s request to stay at home.

Eliminate her. With tight teeth, Ziggy commands Dean, assuring him that the infant will remain in place until Karen leaves the room.

With a laugh, Sophie said, “Ziggy is not at all happy. While taking all of Karen’s wrath, Dean is attempting to keep Karen at away and keep Ziggy calm. Poor Dean!
After receiving one of Ziggy’s menacing stares, Dean quickly complies by escorting Karen outside. His phone rings as he strains to tell his mother that she is not required at the bedside.

John (Shane Withington), Karen’s arch-enemy and closest friend, is calling to see if there is anything he can do to help.

Although Dean’s standing around talking on the phone is making Karen angry, it does give Dean an idea.

As Ziggy enters her final stages of labour, Dean returns inside without Karen.

In the meantime, Karen is startled when John enters the hallway and questions how he was invited to the party before quickly realising that he was actually there to keep her company.

After finally explaining to John that she had to give birth to Dean alone in a room full of strangers after a 35-hour labour, Karen pops up a beer.

She reveals that she just wants to be there for Dean so he can be the greatest father he can be as she thinks back on the kind of mother she’s been.

As time passes, Dean and Ziggy are eventually able to meet their little grommet.

“Our daughter is here!” Ziggy, who is holding her child for the first time, says inconsolably, barely able to believe it.

For a while, Karen lingers outside the door, unsure of whether she will be welcomed, but Dean and Ziggy are happy to let the teary grandmother inside to see her baby granddaughter.

Yeah, she’s just right. You did well! Karen shouts.

Best wishes to Dean and Ziggy! Only need to choose a name now.


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