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Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

SEO on-page SEO guidelines you need to Be aware of in 2019

Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019
Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

Some time ago there was a wealthy businessman called Harry was in search of an alternative driver for his car. Rudford, his previous driver Rudford had retired recently after working for Harry for over 20 years. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

Harry identified three potential drivers who he thought could be great for his needs. To help him choose which one to select, Harry gave them each the same task. It was an imposing mountain pass close to his town , which had an extremely narrow road. The road’s one side was just an unfinished rock wall, and the other was a drop of around 150 feet. Harry demanded that each driver show their talent and drive a vehicle across the road. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

The driver who drove the first car had a lot of expertise and decided to demonstrate to Harry what distances he was close to the edge of the road and consequently the immense drop. Harry was impressed when the driver mastered driving using both wheels on his right, within one centimeter from the road’s edge. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

The driver behind him, who knew that he had the ability to improve and had the advantage of speed, drove along the road, keeping the wheels of the carriage no further than 6 inches away from the edge of the road. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

A third motorist, who was not significantly influenced by the two previous drivers driving, slowed down and kept as far from the road’s edge as was possible, embracing the wall of rock on the left. When Harry approached him, Harry the third driver stated “If you’re looking for a driver who shows off as you’re driver, I’m definitely not the guy. If you’re looking for someone to transport you and your car to your destination in a safe manner there’s no better choice to choose than my.”

Outdated Guidelines for On-Page Optimization

Why am I telling my story to you? It’s a valid concern. For a long time, experts in search engine optimization are advising you to follow the same method of optimization on the web as the primary and second driver in the story. Do not over optimize They’ll tell you to however, try to get near to being as over optimized as you can. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

If you are using your keyword six times in each 500 words could be penalized, make sure that you only make use of your keyword 5 times. This method is risky and reckless. Risky because straying from the penalty line is an excellent opportunity to have your site punished. Risky because your site is only one Google algorithm upgrade away from being completely gone. Additionally, the usage of keywords barely is a factor in rankings any more! – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

The search engines are getting intelligent. They’re really clever. However, you don’t need to be an expert to know the purpose of a webpage. In the event that the URL title of page or H1 tag contains your keyword and it’s an indicator that the website is about that particular keyword. (We recommend using your primary keyword appear in two of these three elements, and using the variation of your key word for three). – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

Incorporate your keyword a couple of more times throughout your text, add several variations, and the search engines will not be in doubt about what your site is about. If search engines are able to determine the subject matter of your website then your off-site optimization will — and shouldtake care of the rest. A smart and efficient Off-page Optimization is the one method for ranking that has stood the tests of time. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

The days are over when keywords on your website are able to rank you (unless there’s no competition). What will get you noticed is constructing quality links properly and consistently. The reason you’re penalized is the over-optimization of keywords throughout your content. If you try to use your keywords in a way that you don’t get penalized but it’s not going influence your rankings. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

Risks have no potential to reward. We therefore recommend you to follow the example of three drivers. Optimize your keywords, if you can. If there’s any doubt about whether you’ve used too many keywords, eliminate the ones you don’t need. Keep as far from the over-use of keywords as you can. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

Practical SEO Strategies for On-Page Use We Apply to Every Site

The five most important elements of optimization of the on-page are, by importance order domain, title and h tags, description, and content. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

Make sure that the keyword you want to use is present in the URL. If your website doesn’t contain the exact keyword you want to rank your page for, ensure that you have a URL (slug) has it. Also, ensure that your primary keyword is in the title of the page or the (the) H1 tag.

Also, we do not recommend placing your main keyword appearing in the three. Make use of a different keyword in the H1 tag or title. We also suggest using just one H1 tag and then employing H2 and H3 tags on the remainder pages. – Page Seo Guidelines Need Know 2019

Remember the things we talked about keeping as far from over-optimization as you can up to the extent of not optimizing? Don’t forget that when you write Meta descriptions for your site. Include as many keywords as you can, while keeping it natural. It is important to note that I mentioned diverse keywords. Do not use the same keyword repeatedly. Also, it should be clear and appealing!


If you adhere to the advice above, search engines will understand what your site’s content is and will not have any need or motivation to punish them. When you have a sound backlinking strategy your site will eventually increase their rankings.

This is exactly the way we do on-site SEO here at tidalwavesearch.com for our websites as well as websites of our clients, and this is how we are helping these sites reach the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


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