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SAM-THING BREWING EastEnders spoilers: Sam Mitchell steps up her plan to destroy Kat Slater and Sharon Watts

Sam Mitchell has been eager to cause trouble ever since he returned to Albert Square.

She comes up with a strategy to widen the rift between Kat Slater and Sharon Watts in EastEnders while keeping them in her crosshairs.

Sam has gone above and above to demonstrate that she is deserving of the Mitchell name. Source: BBC
She intensifies her strategy. Source: BBC
new friends In her target line are Kat Slater and Sharon Watts. Source: BBC

Due in large part to Sam Mitchell’s (Kim Medcalf) reappearance, Kat (played by Jessie Wallace) has unexpectedly found herself collaborating with Sharon (Letitia Dean).

Despite being kept at a distance from her brother Phil’s empire, the troublemaker is determined to show that she is worthy of the family inheritance.

Most notably, this caused her to plan a phoney showdown at the Peggy’s nightclub in town, which the Mitchell family recently acquired and renamed Peggy’s in memory of their late matriarch Peggy.

After first being fired, the owner of Kat’s Cabs rehired Sam to be the venue’s manager as a result of her cunning (and shooting).

Sam deepens her grip on Kat and Sharon in upcoming scenes of the BBC One drama, ready to take charge of Phil’s commercial endeavours while he is imprisoned, as she advances her strategy.

On the day of her son Denny’s 16th birthday the following week, Sharon gets her first delivery.

Sharon has been grieving the loss of Dennis Rickman Jr. since his death in February 2020, but she is deeply moved by what she discovers in the gift.

Sam has done nothing except play with them while Kat has questions about her connection with Phil, leading Kat to accuse Sharon of having an emotional affair with the strong man.

When Phil calls Kat from behind bars to ask for a favour, the line cuts out.

Later on, when a mysterious caller harasses Kat, she becomes more and more anxious and tense.

Sam puts the finishing touches on her scheme while Phil gets in touch with her once more to ask for a favour.

When Kat receives a new threat through her little son Tommy, things only grow worse for her.

Sam gives Kat some counsel after spotting an opportunity, and a terrifying choice is then made.

Sam has taken tremendous measures, as was already mentioned, to keep Sharon and Kat apart and out of the family business.

Additionally, fans will be able to catch up on all the drama on BBC Two or the BBC iPlayer because Wimbledon caused a significant channel shake-up.

Recently, Sam accused Sharon, a longtime rival, of having an emotional liaison with PhilCredit: BBC
Kat is questioning her connection. Source: BBC


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