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How Many Words should you include on your website?

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Webmasters who want to improve their website’s search engine ranking SEO do not leave any stone unturned. Every single thing is a possible source of improvement for the site including the pixel height of the navigation links , to the hex color codes of the buttons for call-to-action. Your home page can be one of the primary pages that needs to be optimized Therefore, questions naturally pop up. One of them is straightforward; how many words should you put on your homepage? Is less more in this instance? Or is it greater? What is the limit of too much? – Words Homepage

As with everything else in SEO the answer is highly personal and is largely dependent on the amount of traffic you get customers, as well as your website. – Words Homepage

The Right Answer

There is no one on the planet and not even Google is able to give you the answer. Certain websites will be ranked high with a 300-word home page and will see their rank drop when they increase the size of their homepage. Certain sites will see their rankings rise and fall as they expand their website. What you have to achieve is to strike the perfect balance between slim content and fluffy content. – Words Homepage

Do you have a the highest number of visitors who bounce? If yes it’s a sign your website isn’t attracting visitors. This could be due to the low word count, users finding nothing worth on the first page they visit It could also be due to a poor layout, navigation , or advertising. – Words Homepage

Use your analytics. Does your website appear in search results for your queries or are all of your pages on your landing pages subpages? Particularly, take advantage of a click-and-activity heatmaps to find out what people do on the homepage. Are there links to navigation that they do not click? Are there any images that they click on in the hope of being directed to content that they aren’t able to access? Making sure that your users have a great experience on your homepage is more crucial and effective than constantly tweaking your content. – Words Homepage

Content that is targeted

Your homepage is, like every webpage on your website the perfect opportunity to add strong keywords and links. It is important to not write for Google and other search engines However, you must avoid writing for search engines. If your site appears to be a jumble of links and keywords without any sensible user content in it, no one will be able to stay. It’s possible that you’re designed to be optimized for search engines, but your methods using are not up to date and are likely to fail – however, your users are much more crucial. – Words Homepage

Take a look at the fold. When the person visits your homepage what they see is the top portion. Everything that requires scrolling is unnoticed up until the moment they click. It’s true that a majority of users do not bother in scrolling. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in the top of the screen They’re as likely to go back or explore further. If you’re placing all your important calls to action below the fold, you’re doing yourself not justice. Modify your layout or content to display your calls to action higher up, in a place where they’ll be seen. – Words Homepage

The First Impression

For a lot of users their homepage is the first impression of your website they see. It is said that your first impression can be most crucial. Consider your website from the viewpoint of the person who visits your site. What are they seeing when they arrive on your home page? Are you instantly presented with options to information? Are they greeted with a gushy introduction words with no meaning? Are there distracting ads or slideshows, banners, and pop-up windows? Anything that serves as barrier between your viewers and your content must be minimized, moved , or removed completely. – Words Homepage

When your website includes an autoplaying video, disable it. Please. There is no one who actually enjoys autoplay videos. At best, they fumble for the pause button in order to end the interruption. If they are not careful, they could claim that your website is using fraudulent advertising and then leave immediately. – Words Homepage

Do you have an easy intro tagline? Anyone who visits your website should be aware of what the purpose of your website actually. They must be able to tell if you’re selling a product , or an service, or when you’re offering written content , or if you’re an expert developer. Your website’s layout will reflect the profile of your business. Select colors that complement your overall style. A graphic designer using simple WordPress template doesn’t inspire confidence or an Fortune 500 business with navigation written in crayon. – Words Homepage

Giving information

Consider: Who are we? Does your website answer to this question? It is essential to have a clear logo, and an easily readable brand name. Also, you can benefit greatly from a simple “about the company” section to attract curious customers.

Consider: What do we do? Again, does your site answer to this question? A simple tagline and short description are sufficient and both require less than 50-100 words. It is a good opportunity to add the keyword and connect the keyword to your main product or service pages. It is also an excellent occasion to include testimonials of your customers. – Words Homepage

Think about: How does visitors benefit from looking at the website’s homepage? Does the homepage itself offer any benefit, or are visitors required to search to find the information they want? You can’t load every bit of value onto your site however, you can start by providing them with the proper direction. A brief explanation of your services and how they can find your products is useful. It is also recommended to have a search box visible that allows users to browse your site. Do not use a similar box where users submit email addresses to sign-up for an email newsletter. It’s a common problem and can affect the ability of users to search your website. An online map, or an archive page for blogs could help in finding the content. – Words Homepage

It’s a matter of numbers

All this is good and well however, what do you think of the numbers? Also, there is no single number that is sure to be the ideal location for your homepage. However, generally speaking it is best to avoid having beyond 1,000 words. A possible exception is when your website is primarily is a blog, and your homepage includes excerpts of blog entries that have recently been published. This could add up to your total in a short time and also give visitors something to read that is valuable.

It is rare for your website to function using less than 100 words on the home page. It’s simply not enough for users to go through with the limited content. This is not the case the case if your website is built on video and graphics. Very few websites do this, mostly ones in the design or arts field. If you’re an e-commerce website or blog with a word count that is low is a waste of time.

Do not be afraid to include more words when these words are of value. This is the essence in a nutshell. Take the space you’re able to to provide the greatest value for your customers. If you’re really concerned about a certain number, alter your website’s content and try it out.


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