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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

The following week on Home and Away, Marilyn will experience further conflict as a result of Heather’s disruptive behaviour.

In another scene, Tane is ready to make a lovely marriage proposal, and Rose gets in trouble for getting in the way of Xander’s romantic life.

Here is a detailed schedule of the forthcoming 11 significant events.

  1. Rose errs in her judgement of Xander and Bree.

At the beach, Bree notices Xander’s growing confidence and compliments him. Because he no longer feels self-conscious about his tattoos, Xander takes off his shirt and is proud to show them off to the world.

Rose concerns about Bree and Xander’s potential romantic chemistry, so she tells the Summer Bay doctor that her brother is absolutely single. Xander ends Rose’s search for a spouse by telling her that Bree is already married.

  1. Xander puts Rose in the wrong position.

Rose is punished by Xander for interfering with their amorous relationship. First, Xander and Bree play the relationship off for a while, much to Rose’s worry because she now knows that Bree is married.

Xander had downloaded a dating app and made a profile for Rose when she checked her phone. The fast transmission of notifications touches Rose, who decides to keep the app.

  1. Marilyn feigns an admission of guilt.

There is growing suspicion that Marilyn may have cut the tyres on John’s car. Marilyn finds solace in John’s denial that she might have been at fault.

Nikau assists Heather in escaping by giving her a fabricated alibi even though Heather is also suspected.

Then Nikau asks Marilyn why she’s keeping Heather from telling people about their connection. Marilyn “confesses” to slashing the tyres out of regret and assumes responsibility for Heather.

  1. John challenges Marilyn on her exaggerated claims.

John is not convinced that Marilyn cut his tyres, especially given that she won’t provide any details or explain why. John discovers the truth when he confronts Marilyn about the precise tyres she destroyed but she is unable to answer.

In an effort to downplay her recent strange behaviour, Marilyn pretended ignorance to Roo while her other friends started to ask questions. When Marilyn admits that she has stopped taking her medication, Roo appreciates her friend’s seeming candour.

5.Leah will be Heather’s next victim.

Leah is alarmed to discover that Marilyn has taken ownership of Heather. She decides to intervene by going up to Heather and pleading with her not to treat Marilyn badly.

Leah later discovers with amazement that someone—you presumably now know who—has broken into her home and destroyed everything.

  1. Leah explains Marilyn’s enigma.

Leah, Justin, and Theo are coping with the destruction at the home. Since nothing appears to have been taken, the police surmise that this may have been a personal attack.

When Leah mentions Heather as a possible suspect, Justin is surprised. When they are alone, Leah informs Justin that Heather is truly Marilyn’s long-lost daughter because she thinks he deserves an explanation.

  1. Tane formulates a proposal.

Tane tells Dean that he is looking ahead as a result of some advice Ziggy gave him.

Tane reveals that he is going to propose to Felicity because he wants to advance their relationship. Tane, who seeks encouragement from his family, is pleased when Nikau warmly supports his objectives.

  1. Mac and Justin reach an understanding.

After Lyrik’s lacklustre performance, Justin decides it’s time to take back their regular time slot at Salt. Mac is relieved to see Justin because he appears to have opened his eyes first during their struggle for dominance.

Mac agrees to speak with Lyrik about a greater payout. Justin is relieved that they are now back in operation after a trying few weeks.

  1. Mac mediates the conflict between Ziggy and Dean.

Mac constantly notices Dean and Ziggy arguing about the pregnancy. The key issue is Ziggy’s decision to hide the pregnancy from Justin.

When Dean is the subject of Ziggy’s wrath, Mac warns her brother that if things get challenging during the pregnancy, he could need to serve as an emotional punching bag for Ziggy. As they begin a new chapter, Dean and Ziggy decide to collaborate going forward.

  1. Felicity surprises Cash and Eden.

Felicity begins to wonder if Eden and Cash are having an affair. She attempts to get an answer from Remi, but he won’t.

At the band’s shared apartment, Felicity runs into Eden’s room and finds Cash on her bed. Eden suffers as a result of Felicity declaring their friendship to be over. The news that her closest friend and brother are having a relationship infuriates Felicity.

  1. Eden is connected to the goals of the project.

Tane chooses to have Lyrik perform as he asks Felicity to marry him. The timing is unfortunate given the conflict between Felicity and Eden.

Eden decides against taking part in the festivities out of fear that it will make Felicity even angrier. Remi urges her to attend the important event.

Remi warns Cash that Eden is currently falling for him. This surprises Cash, who had previously thought Eden was not interested in long-term relationships.


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