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6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets
6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

Featured snippets of text are typically the first result you will see when you type a query into Google. They appear in a different form in comparison to other results of a search and are typically the only one that users click to find answers to their queries.

In this article we will provide everything you need learn about featured snippets as well as how you can rank for them. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

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Before we dive into the specifics of how you can rank in featured snippets of content, you should first be aware of what the various types of snippets can be. This will allow you to understand how to create content that will increase your chances of being featured. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

Here are the four primary types of featured snippets you can see on Google.


These are the highlighted snippets which are composed of bulleted lists or lists of the most important points to can answer a query. The lists are typically made by combining the subheadings from a larger article.

To make your content more attractive for featured excerpts, you must organize your content to be in format of lists that addresses the most important question.

To answer, for instance, an “how-to” question, you could write a list of numbers of step-by-step instructions on what you can do. It’s also helpful to write each step with a distinct heading. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets


They are the most popular types of featured snippets. They are usually short sentences that respond to the user’s query. In this case, Google takes a paragraph from the original content and offers the most relevant solution or explanation to the query of the user.

The actual content could be much more extensive than the information provided in the snippet of text that is featured. Therefore, ensure that you address the primary query in a digestible manner. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets


The third kind of featured snippets is as a form of table, or a box. They are typically used for responses that appear more organized and are organized in the form of a table.

Google can be able of analyzing and formatting data into tables if all data is accessible. But, you can make it easier to arrange all pertinent information into tables to increase the chances of being recognized, but more on this later. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets


A lot of Google queries can be addressed by watching a short video that clearly explains the topic. That’s why when you have specific queries, Google shows videos as prominent short snippets.

To maximize your video for highlighted snippets, you have to enhance your description of your video to ensure that Google understands what your video’s about.

After we’ve gone over the basics, let’s dive into the specifics of how to improve the chances of being featured in Google’s highlighted excerpts.

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6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets – After you’ve figured out the purpose of featured snippets and how they are displayed on Google SERPs and other search results, it’s time to begin preparing to be found on them. I’ve got six strategies to help you prepare your site to be featured in Google’s featured short snippets.

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1. Answer Specific Questions Through Your Content

6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets – The first step to take in your endeavor to be featured in featured snippets should be a thorough research of keywords. There are a variety of tools to help you with SEO which you can employ to find relevant keywords for your particular niche.

After you have the list of keywords that you wish to rank for The second step would be to locate questions that are related to each keyword you can answer in order to be featured in an ad-hoc excerpt. This section will help you’ll discover the best questions you can respond to. Learn how to approach it correctly to increase your chance of being featured in short snippets. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

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  • Find Relevant Questions for Your Target Keywords

One of the most effective methods of finding questions on any topic or subject is to look it up on Google and then look through in the “people also ask” section to see additional questions. Select any one of these questions to discover additional related questions.

In essence, you don’t need any paid software to accomplish this, as Google itself can provide you with sufficient information about the best questions to address.

If you’re looking for an easier and faster method to achieve this, you could make use of a tool such as Answer The Public. Simply type in the keyword and get all relevant questions people have asked about the topic or topic, as shown in the below example.

Image via Answer The Public

  • Create Content That Best Answers Those Questions

After you have your set of issues, have to write content that addresses your questions in the most efficient way you can. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

First, do some research and observe the way that the snippet of content currently featured addresses every question. Next, you can try to write an answer that is better and include the answer inside your text. It could be a paragraph within an extended piece of content such as a bulleted listing or a different format.

  • Answer Multiple Questions in a Single Piece of Content

If you make lengthy content, you are able to actually answer a variety of related questions regarding a subject with it. However, to rank in featured snippets, it is essential that you should provide a concise and precise answer to each question.

This is especially helpful to feature in paragraph-style featured excerpts of content, since you can incorporate several paragraphs within your content in order to answer various questions. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

2. Use Bulleted Lists as Subheadings

This is one of the strategies you can employ to rank your content in a list-style featured excerpt. The way you structure your content is so that the subheadings address the primary question.

Additionally, it’s an excellent idea to utilize bullet points or lists with numbers for subheadings too. In essence, make a listicle and then format it correctly for it to be featured on the form of a featured snippet that is a list.

In addition you could also make several bulleted lists or lists within a larger content piece that can answer several questions. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

3. Optimize Your Video Content

In the first place, if not currently making use of videos on your site and you’re not using it, then it’s time to do this. Video is among the most sought-after types of content and is a must-have component of your strategy for marketing content.

However, not all sites who uses video content gets listed in Google’s featured short snippets. In reality, Google picks only one out of thousands of choices to highlight in the featured short snippets section.

So, what is it that makes Google select one particular video over the countless other videos?

The answer, as it turns out it’s not about the content of the video however, it is more on how you package it and market it. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets


What I mean by that is you shouldn’t only create high-quality content You also have to tell Google what your video about. In contrast to text content which is simpler to Google to comprehend, when it comes to videos, you have to put in an effort.

How do you achieve this?

The most straightforward solution is optimizing your video’s titles and descriptions using your targeted keywords. But, not any keyword. It is recommended to use long-tail keywords keyword phrases, particularly those that are question-based, to achieve the most effective results. Make use of long-tail keywords that inform Google that you’re answering an exact question through your video. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

For example, if you wish to have your video rank in search results for “how to do x,” why not put this as the title of your video? Use it in your description of your video to notify Google it is relevant to the video and can answer the question.

You are also able to make or upload your own video scripts to provide your viewers as well as Google more details on your movie.

4. Structure Data Into Tables (When Relevant)

As we mentioned previously, Google organizes collections of data into tables and displays it in a table-featured short snippet. If you’ve already done the job to be featured, you will boost your chances of being highlighted.

Find the kinds of content you have on your website which are more easy to read as tables and then get to work. This will not just increase the likelihood of Google better able to pick your site’s content but also ensure that your visitors are satisfied as they will receive a summary of the data. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

Also, include a pertinent title that contains your desired keyword just prior to your table. It is important that your table follows the title. This is to structure your content in a manner that is easily accessed by Google to display it in the form of a featured snippet.

Think about how you would like the featured snippet of text to appear, and then place it in a place within your content. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

5. Use SEO Tactics To Rank on the First Page of Google

Do you realize that the majority of prominent snippets of content are derived from pieces that have already ranked in the very first Google results?

This suggests that there is a significant correlation between the ranking of a website and the probability of content appearing in highlighted short snippets. Therefore, why not concentrate on the old SEO methods to make sure that your website’s content is ranked first? – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

Begin with the fundamental SEO techniques for off-page and on-page to get you started. Maintain consistent high-quality content by creating relevant, easy-to understand and targeted content. Additionally, optimize your content by using relevant keywords and phrases to increase your rank.

6. Add a Q&A Page to Your Website

6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets – Not to be left out you could also create an FAQ page to your site where you address every common question in your field. Think about who your possible customers are and what kinds of questions about your business you would like to be answered.

Answer all those industry-related questions on the Q&A section and pay close attention to every answer. You can actually look up each question you plan to answer and check out what’s currently presented as the answer. Write your answer to each question in just a few paragraphs to increase the likelihood of being featured in paragraph-style fragments. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

It’s a fantastic method to make your site to be ranked for multiple queries in a prominent short snippet. Each question and answer by its own can be ranked separately when you take your time.


Six of the most effective ways for getting your content to be featured in Google’s featured snippets. Take these suggestions and boost your chances of being ranked for featured excerpts. – 6 Rules Of Optimization For Featured Snippets

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