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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ that Max is not troll as David makes bold police call

Fans of Coronation Street are convinced that Max Turner’s arrest is not as straightforward as it appears after he is charged with harassing Maria Connor.

After Max Turner’s real father David Platt (Paddy Bever) calls the police regarding Maria Connor’s harassment, Coronation Street viewers have flooded social media with theories about what will happen to Max Turner. Jack P. Shepherd plays David Platt (Samia Longchambon). ITV viewers, however, think his dad made a poor decision.

On Wednesday’s Coronation Street episode, Max was detained for threatening to kill Maria online.

Someone has made the aspirant politician’s life miserable while hiding behind the username Sadboy55.

On Twitter, suspicious viewers have conjectured about the troll’s real identity.

Tweeted Roberto: “There will undoubtedly be some sort of relationship between Tim and Aggy on “Corrie,” “@itvcorrie,” and poor Max. He may not be the culprit, but it might be Shona.”

Ruby endorsed: “absurd guess But it’s going to be SHONA making fun of Maria, right? No, max. This results in another major pregnancy write-out for the actress who plays her.”

As much as I detest Max, I don’t think he committed the crime, Michelle wrote.

Posted by PollyK: “I firmly believe that they are using Max to lead us astray. Too plainly obvious”

Some fans searched other areas of Weatherfield for possible suspects and information about the keyboard warrior.

As Ryan tweeted: “Do you think Max’s bullies are making fun of Maria? They could have seen her home.”

Beardy I bet Max isn’t sadboy55, Bill jokingly said. “The twist will be Roy is the covert leader of a national action cell, run out of the cafe.”

Max was accompanied to the police station by Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding), who had been called by David to report his son to the authorities.

The actress Samia, who has portrayed Maria for more than 20 years, talked openly about how Maria is handling the criticism now that she is a councilor.

Maria was the subject of photoshopped images that used deepfake technology to make her appear as though she were an adult movie star.

“She’s absolutely mortified,” she said, according to the South Wales Evening Post.

“These deepfakes actually look like the person, so it’s one that it even exists and two that [her son] Liam has seen this video and believes that it’s her.

She is horrified that people will assume she has been creating pornographic material.

She believes that when people watch this video, they will mistakenly believe that she is someone she is not.

Maria requested that the recycling bins in the area be changed to accommodate more recycling, which is when the plot began.

The amount of hate on the internet has increased as her recycling campaign has gained momentum.

Fans will have to wait to find out if Max is @sadboy55’s guilty accomplice.


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