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Coronation Street films violent showdown between Peter and Spider

Violence involving Peter Barlow and Spider Nugent has been seen on Coronation Street.

In recent episodes of the soap opera, scenes have revealed a startling twist: Spider is actually posing as an undercover police officer. In the episode airing on Monday, September 12, he meets with DS Swain.

In recent production photos, Spider can be seen restraining Peter as the latter initiates a physical altercation with Spider’s fellow protesters.

Will Spider be able to protect himself and Peter at the same time?

Although Swain has been pressuring him to get Toyah Habeeb to talk about the death of her husband Imran, Spider’s specific undercover case has nothing to do with her trial for Imran’s murder (and she does confess her guilt).

The actor Martin Hancock recently hinted to Digital Spy that Spider will be featured in other aspects of the soap in addition to the Toyah storyline: “There’s one side where you could say: ‘Couldn’t he just come back and be the same old loveable, huggy person?’ And yes, he is. He’s still all that.

He’s always been an activist, so he will actively try to make the world a better place, but he’s also an adult with problems to solve and things he needs to accomplish.

The actor continued, “It’s interesting and it’s not what you expect from Spider, which is great. It’s just a way of progressing the character and a new idea for him. He’s still a very dedicated activist, but he’s doing it from inside the system.”


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