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Coronation Street huge spoilers (October 17 to 21)

Harvey returns the following week on Coronation Street with some unexpected news for Leanne.

Meanwhile, Stu and Yasmeen’s lives might be about to undergo a permanent change, while Aggie and Tim continue to deal with the fallout from having their covert relationship revealed.

The complete list of 15 significant events is provided here.

Leanne visits Harvey in secret

Leanne is unable to unwind until she understands the rationale behind Harvey’s visiting order. Leanne, who likes to keep to herself, decides to visit Harvey in jail despite the fact that she and Nick had agreed to ignore him.

Leanne is taken aback when Harvey informs her that Sam has been writing to him. Harvey wants the harassment from a geeky schoolboy to stop because he is not happy about it.

Nick and Leanne confront Sam

Leanne tells Nick about her covert visit to the prison when she gets home. Hearing that Sam is writing to Harvey worries Nick.

Sam, who is confronted by the couple, claims that all he really wants are explanations for why Harvey killed Natasha.

Sam offers to stop communicating with Harvey in exchange for a chance to see the bad guy in person. Sam ominously threatens that he’ll find a way despite Nick and Leanne’s refusal to take it into account.

Audrey tries to reason with Sam

At the Bistro, Sam’s family and friends gather for a memorial lunch in Natasha’s honor. Sam won’t let his mission slip his mind, telling the Platt family as a whole that he would like to meet Harvey to learn why Natasha was killed.

As a response, Audrey tries to convince Sam that it’s not a good idea. When Nick learns that Sam has been persuaded to change his mind, he feels relieved.

Sam continues to sneak around

Sam opens up to Hope about how he disobeyed Nick’s orders by sending Harvey another covert letter. Sam’s newfound rebelliousness is encouraged by Hope.

Harvey is amused to discover that Sam’s most recent letter includes a questionnaire about his violent past.

Stu and Yasmeen receive surprising news

Both Lucy, Stu’s ex-wife, and Bridget, his daughter, are accused of killing Charlie. The two decide to admit guilt regarding their crimes.

From behind bars, Bridget calls Stu and asks him to look after Eliza. The request shocks both Stu and Yasmeen, but they know they must accept it for the benefit of Stu’s granddaughter.

Stu and Yasmeen are left disappointed

Social services are consulted as Stu and Yasmeen look into the possibility of taking Eliza into their home.

Felicity, a social worker, quickly informs Eliza that she will be placed in care until Stu’s own murder conviction is overturned.

Fern deceives Bernie

Bernie was dissuaded from submitting an application for a position with a high-end cleaning company, so crafty Fern went to the company’s interview in her place. When she successfully applies for a job there using Bernie’s name, she is happy.

Fern is tasked with cleaning a jewelry store. Fern realizes she is in a lucrative position to commit crimes without repercussions when the owner leaves her to lock up.

Bernie is arrested

In Bernie’s clothes, Fern comes back to work at the jewelry store. After the owner leaves for lunch, ruthless Fern robs the establishment.

When the police show up later to arrest Bernie on suspicion of theft, Bernie is horrified. Until the officer shows her the incident’s CCTV footage, she is perplexed by the circumstances.

Bernie is aware that her imposter has cleverly implicated her, but can she show the police this?

Bernie is released

Bernie protests that Fern is to blame for the theft from the jewelry store while being grilled by the police. The police are dubious, and Dev, Bernie’s partner, might also need persuading that a ruthless lookalike is to blame.

Bernie provides the police with Fern’s phone number, but it is unresponsive and it appears that she has vanished. Although Bernie is freed pending additional investigations, it is obvious that her ordeal is far from over.

Aggie and Tim face a backlash

Sally learns more about the depth of Tim and Aggie’s recent covert friendship. When she finds out that Tim even bought Aggie a necklace, she is upset.

Sally expresses her displeasure with her husband’s actions to Aggie and requests that she leave Tim alone going forward. Aggie apologizes to Ed for keeping the friendship a secret and feels bad about the situation.

Chesney finds a positive pregnancy test

On the Street, a charity clothing swap is taking place, and Gemma purchases a jacket there. When he discovers a positive pregnancy test hidden inside, Chesney is taken aback.

Chesney is reassured by Gemma that the test must have been the previous owner of the jacket. Chesney is happy that their large family won’t be growing any bigger, and Gemma vows to find out who is expecting.

Paul discovers the truth about the test

Gemma’s investigation leads her to believe that Daisy or Carla might have previously owned the jacket.

Paul recognizes that Summer owned the jacket, but he respects her privacy and hides his surprise from Gemma. When Paul questions Summer about the test, how will she respond?

Summer receives a surprising offer

After seeing each other again, Summer and Aaron decide to discuss the baby together. Summer refuses to share her news with Billy, but Paul does so when they all gather for lunch at The Rovers.

Esther, a member of Billy’s congregation, overhears the conversation and tells Summer privately that she and her husband Mike are unable to have children. The news that Esther and Mike might be interested in adopting their child astounds both Summer and Aaron.

Leo’s fate could be revealed

Jenny’s frustration over Leo’s silence following his rumored move to Canada grows. She still doesn’t know that Leo passed away after a dangerous confrontation with Stephen.

When Teddy, Leo’s father, comes to the pub, Stephen’s scheme to appear sympathetic to Jenny is put in jeopardy. Teddy explains that Leo hasn’t communicated and that he believes it is time to file a missing person report for him. What is Stephen going to do next?

Daniel and Daisy reach a crossroads

Daisy isn’t entirely pleased with Daniel’s suggestion that she move in with him permanently, but he makes it anyway.

Daisy informs Jenny that she would rather move in with Daniel because the numerous memories of Sinead at the flat would make her feel uneasy.


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