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Coronation Street huge spoilers (October 3 to 7)

After weeks of attempting to clear his name, Stu makes a difficult choice on Coronation Street the following week.

While Summer gets herself into trouble once more, James bids Weatherfield farewell.

The complete list of 16 major events is provided here.

Stu suffers another setback

Bridget, Stu’s daughter, permits him to visit Eliza, his granddaughter, at Speed Daal. The meeting appears to be going well until Lucy, Stu’s ex-wife, shows up.

Stu is upset when Lucy tells Bridget to leave the restaurant with Eliza right away as he laments another chance lost.

Alya becomes suspicious over Lucy

Dee-Dee provides Alya with an update on her efforts to review Stu’s case. She explains that Charlie’s bag contained no evidence of Stu’s DNA.

Alya then begins to form her own hypothesis, claiming that Lucy is hiding information that could aid Stu in clearing his name.

Alya becomes determined to raise the funds necessary for a DNA test so that the proof can be formally reviewed once more.

However, Stu soon tells Alya that he wants to forget about the murder investigation because he is still in shock from his upsetting encounter with his family.

Alya steps up her investigation

Dee-Dee informs Alya that she has been successful in obtaining funding for the re-testing of the evidence. Alya tells Dee-Dee that they should proceed without mentioning Stu’s request that the matter be dropped.

Alya extends an invitation to Lucy and Bridget to join her for tea at the Nazir home, but her true motives are revealed when she gives Dee-Dee the mug that Lucy had earlier.

In order to determine whether Lucy is actually responsible for Charlie’s murder, Alya requests that Dee-Dee have the mug’s DNA examined.

Dee-Dee and Alya make a deal

Zeedan worries that his sister lied about dropping Stu’s case when Dee-Dee comes to see Alya with some paperwork that she needs to sign.

Alya’s deceit also annoys Dee-Dee, but she is persuaded by Alya to send the cup off for testing despite her objections. They decide that if Stu ever changes his mind, they can hold onto the results and give them to him.

James leaves Weatherfield

Ronnie tells James that a youth center close to Lewisham is looking for a new football coach because he left Weatherfield County and is looking for a new direction.

Given that it’s close to Danny’s home, this seems like the ideal fit for James’s aspirations to coach.

When James inquires about the position, he is successful in getting it but is informed that he must start the following day.

James quickly gathers his belongings and bids his loved ones goodbye before leaving the Street.

Jenny becomes suspicious over Glenda

When Jenny is unable to host a pub quiz at The Rovers, Glenda looks forward to doing so. Glenda is obviously upset when Jenny does, in fact, become available. Jenny trips and hurts herself on Glenda’s freshly mopped floor, which is a worrying incident.

Glenda grabs the microphone and is eager to perform the role of presenter while Daisy drives Jenny to A&E to be examined.

Jenny expresses her suspicion that Glenda intentionally hurt her when she later learns that the locals loved her a lot.

Dev reunites with Bernie

When Aadi advises Dev to commit to a relationship with Bernie if she makes him happy, Dev changes his attitude. Dev considers his son’s advice and advises Bernie to give their relationship another shot.

Bernie is happy that she and Dev are finally getting along, but when Dev says he wouldn’t feel comfortable hiring her again as his cleaner, it has an impact on her job situation.

Bernie tells Fern that she’s willing to continue impersonating her in exchange for payment because she’s in need of money once more.

Ken is accused of favouritism

The amateur dramatics production of Roxanna, which is currently being organized by a number of Weatherfield residents, is still undergoing script revisions by Ken.

When Brian claims that Ken increased Wendy’s role in the play solely because he is attracted to her, Ken’s professionalism is questioned. Ken claims otherwise, but his obvious discomfort conveys a lot.

Wendy confronts Ken over his meddling

When Brian informs Ken that Mary is considering leaving the play in response to the circumstance, the accusations of bias increase.

In order to solve the issue, Ken tries to distance himself from Wendy and asks Nigel to collaborate with her on her monologue in its place. This only fuels Wendy’s anger because she feels neglected by her ex.

Later, Nigel tells Ken that he wants to ask Wendy out on a date. Ken exhorts him to pursue his dreams, but Wendy is perplexed when she learns of Ken’s involvement. She asks questions of him and speaks to him.

Ken and Wendy discuss their future

Later in the week, Wendy pays Ken a visit and says she was taken aback by his declaration of his feelings for her.

Wendy acknowledges that she shares those sentiments and wants to move forward with Ken, but she also decides to give up her lead role in the play in order to diffuse the situation.

Summer and Aaron are caught taking drugs

To prevent his father from purchasing any more alcohol, Aaron takes his father’s wallet, but he is shocked to discover a bag of marijuana inside. Aaron and Summer make weed brownies together after deciding to give it a try themselves.

When Billy and Todd discover the teens high, they are shocked. Billy’s situation worsens when the Bishop shows up at the apartment for a scheduled meeting.

When the Bishop unintentionally tries to sample one of the brownies, Todd is left with the duty of attempting to stop him, and the situation devolves into farce.

Summer makes it clear that she’s tired of being told what to do and that drugs are dangerous when Billy tries to warn the teenagers about them.

Aaron lashes out at Paul

When Aaron’s father learns about the stolen wallet and marijuana, he violently assaults him once more.

Later, when Paul shows up at the apartment, he confronts Aaron about the drugs and claims that he misled Summer.

Unknowingly grabbing Aaron’s bruised wrist, Paul makes him wince in discomfort and lash out with a punch.

Billy is warned by Paul that he will report Aaron to the police. Billy rushes to stop Paul after Aaron tells him about his abusive father.

Max’s bullies strike again

Max requests that David pick him up from school. Max is confronted by his bullies Blake and Chris in the Freshco parking lot after David fails to do so.

While filming Max’s ordeal, the thugs steal his lunch, smash his phone, and soak him in water. Max feels betrayed by David because he broke his promise to pick him up.

Max could return to school

After hearing good news from the Pupil Referral Unit, David and Shona decide that Max might be ready to transfer back to his old school.

Will Max be able to flee his bullies as a result?

Aggie offers help to Tim

Aggie offers to go shopping with Tim since their wedding anniversary is soon so that he can make sure he buys Sally a thoughtful present.

Later, when Ed inquires about her whereabouts, Aggie makes up a story about having lunch with a female friend.

Aggie continues to lie

When Tim gives Sally a pricey necklace for their anniversary, she is overjoyed. She responds by giving Tim a special anniversary dinner.

Aggie feels bad when Dee-Dee inquires about the necklace that Tim gave her in secret as a thank-you for helping him out.


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