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Coronation Street spoilers: Max Turner left humiliated as bullies continue harsh torment

After causing mayhem among the Weatherfield residents, Max Turner, a youngster from Coronation Street, has been attempting to turn a new leaf. However, Max is about to suffer humiliation as his bullies keep torturing him.

Residents of Coronation Street endured months of Max’s troubled attitude (played by Paddy Beaver). Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvany), whose drink the teen unintentionally spiked, ended up in the hospital. Additionally, he revealed Nicky Wheatley’s (Kimberly Hart Simpson) history as a sex worker, forcing her to alter her plans for Weatherfield. The teenager has recently been making an effort to change his ways, but he has recently been victimized by a gang of bullies who will soon make him feel ashamed of himself.

David Platt, Max’s father (Jack P. Shephard), is unaware of the bullying that his son has experienced.

The teenager was duped into believing he was in a possible relationship with the girl he was corresponding with online.

After being expelled from Weatherfield High and being sent to a unit, it was later discovered that he had been catfished by some of the boys he went to school with.

Max was soon blackmailed into a terrible scam by the bullies, who didn’t stop with the catfishing.

In upcoming scenes, Max asks David to be picked up from school rather than take the bus home, and David is perplexed.

Later, as Max waits for his father in the Freshco parking lot, Blake and Chris approach him and rob him of his lunch, smash his phone, and drench him in water.

The boys laugh at Max’s antics while filming the humiliation as he fights back tears.

Max is visibly upset about the incident and irate that his father didn’t come get him, leaving him at the bullies’ mercy, after escaping from the bullies.

David and Shona Platt (Julia Goulding), who are not aware of the suffering, are delighted by Max’s positive PRU report and decide to ask Weatherfield High to take him back.

Max talks to Maria Connor in an effort to divert Chris and Blake’s attention (Samia Longchambon).

He is compelled to accept Maria’s invitation to accompany her as she meets a teenage refugee while his scheme is successful.

Max reports that Maria introduced him to a refugee named Daryan, and the two got along well after returning home.

Shona expresses her admiration and reveals that David has asked about going back to his old school.

How much longer can Max keep the bullying a secret from his parents before it has disastrous repercussions?

Max might be thrilled that he can escape his bullies if he knows that his dad is considering returning to a regular school.

He might also consider the possibility that they will still be able to locate him at a public school, which would increase the embarrassment in front of his friends.

Will Max start acting out in an effort to stay at the referral school and deal with his bullies?

Or will he lose it to the point where he tells his parents the truth?

Considering Max’s past and the suffering he inflicted, it might be difficult to accept that he is the target of bullying, compelling him to take extreme measures.


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