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Coronation Street theory: Stephen Reid’s scams rumbled by Daisy Midgeley

Stephen Reid of CORONATION STREET has succeeded in deceiving everyone in his attempt to con his family and neighbors out of money. According to an yzee.uk theory, Daisy Midgeley, a bartender, might be the one to reveal his secrets.

When scammer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) unexpectedly appeared in Weatherfield earlier this year to be with his mother, Audrey Roberts, viewers of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street were suspicious (Sue Nicholls). Since then, he has tried his hand at extorting money from everyone, but his family is still in the dark. He has focused on the Rovers Return over the past couple of weeks, obviously seeing the bar as a chance for himself.Will Daisy (Charlotte Jordan), a no-nonsense bartender, be the one to figure out what he’s up to?

official soap opera spoilers are revealed At The Rovers, Stephen will once more be causing trouble.

Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver), who is upset about his domineering sister, mentions it to George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley).

Eileen questions how long Glenda Shuttleworth, played by Jodie Prenger, intends to remain on the cobblestones.

When Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews) offers her a job at the Rovers, Eileen worries that Glenda won’t ever leave despite George’s assurance that he will speak with her.

Jenny is given a tour of Leo Thomkins’ (Joe Frost’s) new home in Canada.

Jenny is unsure about the big move, but tries to appear optimistic about it.

Daisy makes a major effort to convince Jenny that she’d make the ideal manager for when Glenda is in Canada as she begins her first shift behind the bar.

Will Stephen’s later con, in which he claims Glenda gave him the wrong change, benefit Daisy?

Jenny, who is dejected, casts a longing glance around the bar.

Daisy could take advantage of the situation to make herself look more qualified for a promotion, but because she has experience working as a bartender, she is more likely to support Glenda.

She might be subtly observing and noticing that Stephen is lying about the change.

Daisy is also fully aware of Stephen’s most recent liaison with Jenny and may make the connection.

It was made clear to the audience in a previous episode that Stephen was trouble.

He glanced over at Jenny, who had just broken up with Leo, as he was enjoying a drink with Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) at the bar.

He pointed out that the landlady had been left unattended after spotting Jenny snatching a drink from the bar.

Sarah responded sympathetically, “Ah, yeah. She is having a difficult time right now.

She continued, “She’s got a very on-off toyboy, and I think it’s off,” to her uncle.

“She then drinks the money made? I think we should demand free drinks from her “Stephen guffawed. Threatened to give her to the owner!

Sarah said, “Oh, she’s the owner. Stephen was shocked and questioned, “She owns the place?”

He asked, “Just her?” and then turned to look at Jenny, clearly curious and wondering if he could take advantage of her.

Later, he went up to Jenny at the bar and struck up a conversation with her.

Jenny played along because she was feeling weak, but it was obvious that Stephen had other plans.

Jenny kissed Stephen as they were drinking in Jenny’s living room.

Are you certain about this, and are you okay? he inquired. Jenny insisted she was, though.

Leo confessed to bartenders Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) at the Rovers that he was going to propose to Jenny to express how deeply he cares for her.

After trying and failing to convince Jenny to travel to Canada with Leo, Gemma was overjoyed.

Soon after, she caught Jenny just as she and Stephen were about to ascend.

Jenny revealed what had transpired to Daisy after deciding to wed Leo.

Although she advised her not to tell Leo, she seemed to be questioning Stephen’s motivations.

It makes sense that she would catch the fact that he had lied about Glenda and the money if she was keeping a closer eye on him.

Never one to avoid conflict, she might go up to Stephen and inquire as to his current plans.

Although Daisy may start spying on Stephen to see if she can find any proof of what he’s trying to do, Stephen will likely make an excuse.

She might be the one to reveal him. The Platt family and Audrey are likely to be moved by the truth, but can Daisy expose Stephen’s true motivations before he ends the lives of his family members?


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