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Coronation Street trouble in paradise as couple is ripped apart over jealousy

Over the past few months, Nina Lucas and Asha Alahan of Coronation Street have been the ideal couple, supporting other couples who have been going through a difficult time.

As Tanisha Gorey’s character Asha Alahan forms a new bond, jealousy may tear apart another couple on Coronation Street.

In later scenes, Asha discloses that Nina will be having lunch with her work friend Isla, whom she has never met before.

But Mollie Gallagher’s deflated Nina Lucas tells her that they should really be spending the day together.

Later, Asha and Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) talk about the impending anti-spiking demonstration in the town.

When Nina overhears them talking, she is irritated and upset that Asha never brought it up to her.

In another scene, Asha and Nina enjoy drinks at Chariot Square, but Asha is shocked to see Darren Vance (Ryan Early) and Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) together.

She gets up and accuses Courtney of being unfaithful to Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) without knowing the truth.

Asha is furious that Nina withheld the information from her when she revealed that Aadi and Courtney had broken up two weeks prior.

After their breakup, Asha sets them up for lunch with Isla, but when Asha shows up looking like a million bucks, Nina gets upset.

Aadi listens, bored silly, as Asha and Isla talk about work, and nobody seems to notice that Nina feels left out.

Is this Asha and Nina’s last chance? Is Asha really going to abandon Nina for Isla?

Since Isla came on the scene and made her work more of a job, Asha has recently started to truly enjoy what she does.

Actress Tanisha recently spoke with Digial Spy about the upcoming plot, saying, “Asha is very excited.

She aspires to fully commit to this work and give it her all. Thus, I believe that somewhat overwhelms her.

“This incredible paramedic who has worked there for years is paired with her. She has seen it all, so she knows what she’s doing.”I believe she’s so ecstatic and overwhelmed that she almost feels like an idol to her.

Asha aspires to be like her. Asha has an insatiable desire to “know everything she can and do everything she can.”


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