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Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne will ‘stray to the dark side’ after affair revelation

Exclusive: Daniel Osbourne of Coronation Street believes that Ryan Connor is the only one who has revealed his feelings for Daisy Midgeley, and he is unaware that Daisy has had an affair with him.
According to Corrie boss Iain MacLeod, Rob Mallard’s character Daniel Osbourne on Coronation Street is going to “stray to the dark side” after learning of Daisy Mideley’s (Charlotte Jordan) affair.

Daisy recently ended her relationship with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) when she realized the things she would be losing out on with Daniel.
But when she noticed that Ryan had already moved on with Crystal Hyde (Erin Austen), she started to feel jealous and thought she had made the wrong choice.

Daisy’s cunning mind fooled Daniel, almost allowing him to become engrossed in the excitement of their affair.

Daniel will soon discover their affair, according to Iain MacLeod, who recently told Express.co.uk and other media that their secret won’t stay a secret for long.

“I really don’t know who I am rooting for,” he clarified. To sum up, it clearly ends badly and Daisy’s feelings for Ryan cannot remain hidden from Daniel indefinitely.

“Yes, he begins to pick up on their intense feelings for one another, and there are many tense moments.

“Daniel’s darkness is partially visible, though not to the point where he pushes someone down the stairs this time.

What is known about him, however, is that he has a switch that he can flip to reveal his ability to do some fairly cunning and subtly sinister things when he finds himself in a difficult emotional situation.

As the plot develops, we’ll see a little bit of that as well as some really cunning soap operatic manipulations on his part to try to get Ryan away from Daisy as soon as possible.

“In the end, it all comes crashing down and scenes that show the end of that relationship and big dilemmas for Daisy in terms of if not Daniel then is Ryan the right choice.”

Will Daniel injure those closest to him? Or will he realize that thinking about Daisy will only make her more distant?

Daniel and Daisy will also have to navigate the return of Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) who was involved with Daniel before she left in 2020.

Will Daniel be the one to break Daisy’s heart as he turns back to Bethany?


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