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Coronation Street’s Lucy Fallon pregnant with her first child

Lucy Fallon, a former cast member of Coronation Street, has announced that she is expecting her first child.

The actress, who previously portrayed Bethany Platt in the ITV soap opera, and her football player boyfriend Ryan Ledson announced their engagement via OK! magazine.

After telling her mother, Lucy said she immediately told Ryan after he returned from training. Ryan described hearing the news as a “surprise,” but added that he felt “it was meant to be.”

It feels a lot more real now, according to Lucy, who confirmed that her due date is in February 2023. I don’t think I appear to be pregnant right now; rather, I just appear to have consumed a lot of KFC!

The couple had to endure the “traumatizing, horrifying time” of Lucy having a miscarriage back in March before learning the good news.

The tragic event was described by Lucy, who said: “I had pregnancy symptoms and I was feeling really unwell. When they were doing all these scans, my symptoms were getting worse and worse and there were no signs I had had a miscarriage, so that made it more of a shock.

“We simply assumed that everything would be alright. When I returned a week later after the blood tests and other tests, they informed me that I had miscarried.

“It was a very odd sensation. Despite the fact that so many people experience it, you never anticipate experiencing it yourself.

That altered the situation and helped us realize that was unquestionably what we desired, Lucy continued.

“Such circumstances can really put your relationship to the test, and when you experience something truly terrible, you can see how the other person handles it and how they support both you and them. We became stronger and closer as a result.”

The couple explained that despite Lucy’s anxiety due to her miscarriage experience, they are attempting to maintain a positive outlook throughout this pregnancy.

Lucy said, “We’re very lucky that it happened again for us. “We weren’t applying pressure to it, and I was making an effort to not apply pressure to myself, so it just happened that way for us in the end. Clearly, it was destined to occur.”


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