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Coronation Street’s Sally Metcalfe discovers Tim’s deception

What will Sally say?

When Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor), on Coronation Street, learns that her partner, Tim (Joe Duttine), has been telling some lies, an awkward storyline is in store for her.

Tim has been consulting his neighbor and friend Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) for guidance regarding his relationship with his wife Sally for months.

It all seemed very platonic as the two went shopping together to buy Sally an anniversary gift, but Tim may have overstepped his bounds when he gave Aggie a lovely necklace as a thank you for all of her assistance.

However, in the episodes that will air the following week, Aggie asks Tim to listen to her.

It all begins when Michael and Ed ponder how long Dee-Dee will remain at No. 3.

Aggie and her husband Ed become upset when Dee-Dee packs up and leaves.

When Dee-Dee decides to leave her job in Los Angeles and remain in Weatherfield, Aggie turns to her friend Tim for advice, which she appreciates.

Aggie tells Ed the necklace is old and, still feeling uneasy about it, begs Tim to keep their relationship a secret from Ed.

Later in the week, Sally participates in a disco aerobics workout. Tim, who is happy to see his wife having fun, joins in. The two then kiss passionately, leading to the couple’s first visit to the bedroom in months.

Tim and Sally, who are overjoyed in love, decide to eat at the Bistro and join Ed and Aggie for dinner.

When Sally, who is completely unaware that Tim bought Aggie’s necklace for her, can’t help but admire it, things become awkward.

As if things weren’t already tense enough, Tim accidentally texts Sally when trying to text Aggie about why he and Sally are acting so flirtatious.

When Sally learns of the trick, what will she say? And are Tim and Aggie in fact getting closer?


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