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Coronation Street’s Stephen Reid covers his tracks over murderous secret

Will he be caught?

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (September 28), Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) attempted to hide his tracks after his most shocking deed.

Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), whom Stephen killed earlier this week during a confrontation over his fraudulent activities. Later, he went back to the factory bin where poor Leo was found dead and dragged his corpse into a van.

The character tried to keep his cool as he avoided suspicion in the aftermath. The issue was that Leo’s partner Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) was eagerly anticipating his arrival so they could leave for Canada and begin a new life together.

Jenny kept calling Leo because she thought he had been out with his friends the night before, and she soon started to wonder where he was. But Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), her stepdaughter, recalled their last conversation in which Leo expressed uncertainty about their relationship in the wake of Jenny’s kiss with Stephen.

After becoming convinced that Leo had broken up with Jenny, Daisy and her boyfriend Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) took Jenny to the Bistro to break the news. Despite the fact that Leo had left without his passport, Jenny was devastated.

Stephen was successful in getting away with the next part of his cover up at the Rovers. Unaware Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) assumed control of the pub, and Stephen slyly seized the chance to slink into the backroom while she was preoccupied. Leo’s luggage and passport were taken, and he made it appear as though Leo had returned while Jenny was away.

Jenny was able to come to terms with the fact that Leo had left for Canada without her thanks to this. Leo originally had all the tickets and flight information, so despite her and Daisy’s best efforts, she was unable to locate him at the airport. She had no idea that Leo’s life had been ripped from him before he could pursue his future.

Later, viewers witnessed Stephen setting fire to Leo’s possessions, maintaining his disgusting pretext. But before she gives up on Leo completely, will Jenny start to wonder what actually happened to him?

Actor Boyce discusses the next step in Stephen’s scheme to deceive Jenny with RadioTimes.com and other media.

“When he returns to the crime scene, he discovers Leo’s phone, which they had been arguing over and had been left on the ground.

“He manages to make it appear as though Leo is in Canada, so for all the world to think: “Well, his passport’s gone, his suitcase’s gone, he’s sending text messages saying everything’s great in Canada, so it’s the perfect cover.”

What remains to be seen is whether Stephen left any untied threads in his story.


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