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EastEnders fans in hysterics over ‘unscary’ villain Jonah and brand him the ‘worst’ character

Fans are not intimidated by Jonah Tyler, the villain of EastEnders.

Unfortunately for EastEnders’ villain Jonah Tyler (Mark Mooney), the show’s viewers didn’t find him to be as frightening as he had planned during last night’s episode (Wednesday, July 13).

Fans laughed at his ‘laughable’ attempts to appear threatening instead of shaking in their boots and dubbed him one of the most ‘unscary’ EastEnders villains ever.

Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) has been seen working covertly with the mobster Jonah in recent episodes as retaliation for Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) lack of confidence in her to manage his businesses.

Jonah consented to remain silent regarding the evil agreement in exchange for a “ringside seat” to Walford hardman Phil’s demise.

The agreement did include one stipulation, though: Sam had to permit his men to conduct their drug dealing at Peggy’s wine bar.

She was apprehensive to permit such unlawful activities, but he threatened to kill her if she turned on him.

Sam bowed to Jonah’s pressure and permitted his guys to conduct their shady affairs at Peggy’s.

One of Jonah’s men informed Sam in last night’s episode that he would remain undetected so that he could carry out his shady transactions without being discovered.

But when employee Zack Hudson (James Farrar) discovered the cocaine sale and immediately alerted the police, it put a wrench in the works.

Zack believed he was taking the initiative, but Sam soon had to deal with the consequences of his choices when Jonah appeared and expressed his ire.

Would you like to explain why one of my dealers was detained this evening? Jonah was upset.

Sam clapped back, “It’s not my fault he wasn’t stealthy enough.

Jonah then yelled at her in a menacing manner.

“If there are any more errors, I’ll mess up your other leg in addition to making sure Phil knows his own sister is a snake. That would be unfortunate, “He cautioned her, alluding to the recent club shooting.

Then, in even more terrifying circumstances, he seized Sam’s face and commanded her to “remember whose side you’re on.”

Fans laughed at Sam’s attempts to be frightful despite the fact that the experience left Sam terrified.


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