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EastEnders’ Kat Slater faces new wedding complication due to Alfie Moon

Alfie Moon from EastEnders is the cause of a new wedding complication for Kat Slater.

Earlier this week, Alfie made his long-awaited return to Walford in an effort to prevent his ex-wife Kat from wed his longtime foe Phil Mitchell.

Alfie disrupted Kat’s wedding in the episode airing on Tuesday (September 13), showing up after learning about Phil’s temper from the twins.

Kat made it clear that Phil was the love of her life at this point, which sparked a tense standoff as Phil showed up to snuff out Alfie’s cries for the wedding to be called off.

By promising Phil she’d meet him at the church, Kat was able to stop the two from fighting, leaving Alfie dejected.

The twins had hidden away in Alfie’s van when he returned to his canal boat. Kat was forced to go after the twins when Alfie called with information about them as she was preparing for the wedding.

The twins refused to board the boat with Kat when she hurriedly arrived there. Alfie started the boat from the dock, revealing it had been a ruse as Kat got on.

Alfie made a valiant effort to persuade Kat that choosing to wed Phil was the wrong choice, but she steadfastly refused to leave the Mitchell clan.

Alfie agreed to drive Kat to the event after realizing he couldn’t win her over. One major issue remained: the boat’s motor had failed, leaving the family stranded in the canal.

Will Alfie’s schemes cause Kat to miss her own wedding?


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