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Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey in danger over truth about Stephen?

We wonder what Audrey Roberts’ future holds as we hand Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) the Coronation Street Villain Baton after cleaning it off (it’s been a while) (Sue Nicholls).

Audrey has been led to believe since Stephen’s return that her son is a good influence on her life because, even though she has endured a lot, she will always have Stephen by her side watching out for her, right?

Ah, wrong.

Iain MacLeod, the head of Corrie, recently told us that when it comes to Stephen’s personality, “Desperate” is the word, and as the story progresses, “he will continue to get more and more desperate and more and more dark.”

“Mischievous” is probably too mild a word, but Machiavellian might be a better choice. I believe he has simply added so much otherness to the program.

As a result, Leo (Joe Frost), of all people, notices that something isn’t quite right about Stephen and tells Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), “I think Stephen’s hiding something,” as Stephen continues to be desperate to get his hands on some money.

After paying for their spa day the following day, Stephen makes sure Audrey and Gail (Helen Worth) have left.

Leo questions Stephen’s motives as he claims to have enjoyed a night in an upscale hotel. Later, when Audrey claims that an estate agent’s valuer showed up at her house with an appointment scheduled by Stephen, Leo listens in on the conversation with great interest.

But what is happening?

Was Stephen intending to evict his mother by selling Audrey’s home?


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