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EastEnders theory: Honey Mitchell’s new love interest unveiled and it’s not Billy

Honey Mitchell of Eastenders may be on the verge of finding love after Jay Brown, but according to a brand-new yzee.uk theory, Honey’s faithful ex-husband Billy Mitchell will be devastated by the news.

Since their divorce, Billy Mitchell (played by Perry Fenwick) has harbored feelings for ex-wife Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), but the miserly EastEnders resident will start to think he may finally have a chance to win the mother of his two children over. However, newcomer Finlay Baker might put an end to his amorous aspirations (Ashley Byam).

Billy becomes more and more envious of Finlay and Honey in the upcoming episodes of the BBC soap opera.

He notices the couple interacting closely in the Minute Mart and starts to worry that his ex-wife is dating someone else.

After their recent wager, Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) has been avoiding Honey, as seen by Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy).

Later on, though, Honey tells Kim that she lost the wager because she declined Finlay’s invitation for a date.

Billy is pleased, but in the following months, will Honey develop a fondness for Finlay?

Fans of EastEnders will be aware that the mother of two has never been one to hurry into a relationship, and she might feel that going on a date with Finlay would come too soon after Jay.

Billy is upset with Felix Baker (Matthew Morrison) and Finlay once again at the market because of the volume of noise coming from their stall.

When Mr. Lister (Nick Wilton) threatens to close down their booth, Billy steps in to save them.

Billy and Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) attempt to teach Finlay some practical market lingo to aid the nascent businessman.

Later, Finlay admits to Billy that his ex-wife is still on his mind.

Back at the market, Billy pauses to take in Finlay’s allure before revealing that Honey is the only woman for him.

Finlay ponders how he can assist, but would doing so wind up making Billy’s situation worse?

After her recent breakup with Jay, Honey will obviously be in a vulnerable position in Walford.

Billy has often shown that he still cares for his ex-wife, but she has never been able to forgive him for his infidelity habits.

In 2020, Rose became the first deaf actor to play a regular deaf character on the soap opera.

If Finlay makes friends with Honey in an effort to persuade her that Billy deserves a second chance, Honey might get the wrong idea and wind up having affections for the newcomer.

As Finlay shares his sorrow at the death of his father with Honey, a romance may develop between the two of them.

Bianca Neumann, executive director of a nationwide bereavement organization During an interview with yzee.uk, Sue Ryder offered her professional guidance on how Finlay might deal with his sadness.

Grief might feel incredibly isolating, but it’s probable that other individuals in your immediate vicinity are also experiencing the loss of your father. Do something with a loved one that makes you think of your dad, share stories about him with others, or light a candle in his honor.

Fans of EastEnders will be aware that Honey is one of the square’s most compassionate residents and would help Finlay in any manner he requires.

Loss frequently triggers regretful emotions. Perhaps you feel that you might have spent more time with your father, for instance,” Bianca said.

Instead, try to think about how special the time you did have was for both your dad and you.

As Finlay adjusts to life without his father, will the two of them start to feel something for one another?


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