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Emmerdale actor Mark Charnock talks about the long-term prospects for the Marlon tale.

Star of Emmerdale Mark Charnock discussed the continuation of Marlon Dingle’s continuing plot with Digital Spy.

The ITV series has spent the previous three months examining Marlon’s recovery after suffering a stroke in March, and this has led to poignant sequences in Thursday’s hour-long episode (August 11).

Marlon will fulfill his personal commitment to go down the aisle and wed his fiancée Rhona Goskirk on his most recent trip to the Dales.

When they realize how much this means to Marlon, who has recently started working closely with a physiotherapist, everyone is ecstatic.

Mark said of the slow-moving nature of the plot: “[Soap] is basically the only type of drama where you can do it like way. Where you can literally make day-to-day improvements. We are thus extremely fortunate in that regard.

“These minor, gradual adjustments that occur, the ups and downs. I really believe that a soap opera is the only type of drama where a tale like this can be told in such detail.

He continued, referring to Marlon’s recovery’s upcoming milestones: “Who knows where he’ll be? Recovery can occur at varying rates. I have no idea where he will be in a few months, but that is what I love about it.

“Whenever you receive a script, you always notice tiny that they’re beginning to introduce. Of course, I’ve had chats about potential locations for him in the coming months, but they want to take their time. It’s critical that they take their time.

“It’s crucial that it take its time naturally. So, if he were to return to work, that would be wonderful for him. He won’t be the same when he returns to work, and it will be extremely difficult for him. But he is a workaholic and devoted to his career. That would be fantastic for him, in my opinion.”

In the upcoming episode on Thursday, Priya Kotecha shows her scars while dancing confidently at the wedding reception, which is a significant move in her ongoing plot.

Additionally, there are poignant passages regarding Faith Dingle’s family.

Mark carried on: “There are several storylines, so it’s definitely suspenseful material. There are many things happening besides simply Marlon and Rhona’s wedding. At the same time, many storylines are reaching their height.

“Because the audience is ready for the climax of all these stories, I believe that’s when soap operas are at their best. Having been written by Caroline Mitchell and directed by John Anderson, it is simply fantastic.

“The plot of Faith is just wonderful, as is Sally Dexter’s acting. She is an exceptional actor. Amazing actors are Jeff Hordley (who portrays Cain) and Lucy Pargeter (who plays Chas).”


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